2 Was She Really Ugly?

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With a splitting headache added with someone nagging beside, it was really unbearable. Ling Chuxi finally couldn't take it any longer and shouted, "Get out! It's too noisy!"

The moment Ling Chuxi's words were uttered, the whole house fell silent—an odd silence filled it. Nobody ever thought that the quiet Ling Chuxi who was constantly bullied would suddenly raise her voice in anger.

"Get out. Can't you understand?" Ling Chuxi repeated herself while sitting up slightly and glancing coldly at the few people who were stunned. She also managed to roughly take a look at the few people who were in the house. All of them looked like sixteen, seventeen-year-old young maidens, and all of them were in ancient costumes. The leading maiden was wearing clothes that seemed to be made of silk, looking a little more refined than the rest. With a constipated look on her face, needless to say, this was Qin Yumei.

At this moment, even Qin Yumei was stunned, looking at Ling Chuxi dumbfoundedly. Originally it seemed like she wanted to say something, but yet it looked like she suddenly thought of something else and decided to swallow her words.

"Let's go." Qin Yumei waved her hand and brought those maidens away. Before leaving, she gave Ling Chuxi a look of warning. Obviously unhappy about Ling Chuxi's anger but yet was willing to leave now was because she was afraid Ling Chuxi would speak out that she was the one who pushed Ling Chuxi into the water.

After the group of people left, Ling Chuxi lay down on the bed again, closing her eyes and began sorting out her memories. Tian Chang Mainland, this was a world she had never heard of. Cultivation was practiced and the strong were respected. This small town was called Shi Qu Town. This town had three big family clans—the Ling family, the Qin family, and the Luo family. Qin Yumei was from the Qin family. These three family clans had always balanced each other out, but recently the Qin family and the Ling family had a trend of inter-marrying. This would not be discussed temporarily. Ling Chuxi's greatest frustration was her current predicament! Orphaned, bullied, ugly, broke, poor… etc. How miserable was that? In her vague memories, she was once an important person in the Ling family and when she was younger, she was also always protected by the Ling family. Overnight, after her parents passed away, everything changed to what it was now. Causing people to sigh.

Ling Chuxi suddenly sat up. The moment she turned her head, she saw the stunned plain aunt who was standing by the bedside. This was her one and only servant, Aunt Wang. Obviously, she was also shocked.

"Aunt Wang, give me the mirror." Ling Chuxi spoke to Aunt Wang.

"Ah?" Aunt Wang had yet to snap out of her stupor. Was it not because the young miss was ugly and thus hated to look at mirrors? Why did she actively ask for a mirror today? What happened? Although puzzled, but she only blanked out for a moment and immediately snapped back to reality, and went to bring the mirror.

When Ling Chuxi held the mirror and looked at the person in the mirror, her lips twitched. No wonder she was called ugly. This face was covered in dense acne, looking terrible. Red and swollen to this extent, one couldn't even tell how the original face looked like. However… Ling Chuxi brought the mirror closer and her lips curled into a sneer. This wasn't some acne! The Ling Chuxi who was well versed with medical skills and medicines could tell with a single look that it wasn't some innocent youthful acne, it was poison!!! Who would poison an orphaned girl? Just when Ling Chuxi was about to lift her right arm and put it upon her left wrist to check her pulse, a pair of urgent footsteps coming from outside interrupted her.

"Chuxi, Chuxi…" a worried female voice rang from the outside, sounding as if it were full of concern.

However, Ling Chuxi frowned. According to her memories, the owner of this voice was Qin Xiruo. This person, was not ordinary. 

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