300 Gaining Fame Through a Single Battle!

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Gosh, was this the abilities of the realm of Great Fulfilment? Even the huge fighting ring was flattened. Thinking back to the scene that had happened just now, everyone felt a lingering sense of fear.

What was more shocking was that the experts who were protectively standing around the fighting ring remained unscathed. It was just that every one of their faces was blank and horrified.

It took a while before the people reacted. Ling Chuxi and Baili Han had completely controlled the destruction of their Battle Qi within the scope of the ring in their last blow. Such tyrannical Battle Qi and control which were more terrifying than tyrannical Battle Qi itself had exceeded the people's imagination.

What was a strong cultivator? This was the real strong cultivator!

However, everyone remained without an answer as to who had won and who had lost.


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