Reviews of Shock! The Spell Is In English!


Shock! The Spell Is In English!

Soy Sauce-San

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This book is so good that author goes premium on 5th chapter. And author is very thoughtful about his readers. He just wants to help them to spend all of their money on his book. I probably will sell my organs to read this book.

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respect +5 for making magic in english, not chinese XD .........................................................................////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Shock! The novel is a piece of garbage transmigration - check braindead MC - check every girl is jade beauty that instantly falls in love with MC - check aphrodisiac relationships - check dropped after 20 chapters - check


I was able to read the chapters temporarily for free so i have no idea about update stability. MC is basically described as sculpted from marble by the gods as the most beautiful man in the world from chapter 1. The novel is all over the place. It starts off with a power system based on understanding runes. The MC immediately gains a system that lets him convert any english word into a perfectly understood max leveled. People spend their whole lives randomly guessing their way at runes. He then thinks of about 9 words that would make him OP. He discovers Time and Fate are actually higher level than the highest possible level, and several orthers that grant him control over most elements jacked and really smart. He pretty much stops trying to improve after that. The system tells him is about rank 2 out of 9 and at any point he is able to reach rank 9 with no more effort than to think of a word. Spiritual power increases directly in relation to how many runes you have knowledge of and how well you understand what the rune means. His main goal in the story is to become strong as possible to protect his family, but he is an orphan whose family was killed before he transmigrated. He then goes to the most famous school in the world to learn how to properly use runes. Which seems like it would be about combinining individual runes into sentences to increase their power. Which is displayed by the first person MC doesnt insta kill. What actually happens is he shows up and runes are no longer relevant. His system is no longer about runes its about upgrading his pets with exp and suddenly gives quests. He decides to graduate in a month and doesnt learn a single thing about runes. The story cant keep names, ages, amounts, power levels or just about anything consistent. There will be contridictions pretty much every other chapter. Good luck


So basically, he is using console commands...I like it. Yo Webnovel, remove this fucking letter count. ................................................


Why not change the title into shock the rune novel became a beast tamer novel i mean after the 90+ ch or after the divine monument arc it literally became a beast tamer novel even the system changed if i remember the system only help the mc comprehend and use any runes but the f after 100+ ch when the the mc beast killed the enemy sparrow it gaved 100 exp whats that? I even remember some scene from other novel being coppied here like the classroom fight I have high hopes from the novel but they just destroyed it 😤😤


The story change when he started school. Where is the rune master all those magic turned into a beast master story. Even his system change . I even read the same story like this .


the book starts out good and gets you hooked. unfortunately once the MC joins the "Rune college" it turns into a pokemon story and runes have nothing more to do with the story. his friends disappear his servant disappears. I'm actually shocked by how much the story changes for the worst


The MC got REINCARNATED/TIME TRAVELED into an Era 100mio years later, he didn't transmigrate since he never left earth... As this book goes premium after 5 Chapter, I call bs! What arrogance to go premium without proofing the quality of the story first. Never ever have I seen a novel go premium before even reaching a two digit chapter count... I won't spend a single coin on this delusional author.


Too many inconsistencies in storyline, in latest updates you will wonder if you still reading the same novel as before.. The flow of the story greatly diverted to what this novel is all about.. It became a beast taming like genre n completely focus on it., never ever mentioned the spell/runes for long time, as if the mc had completely forgotten about it.


another wish fulfilment novel where everything is given to the MC, and the author conveniently make the MC drink aphrodisiacs poison AND make it unremovable even with his Op-ness, just to allow him to **** someone else that is drugged.


Please somebody explain to me that what is happening on the site? I don't get it at all. novels that suddenly appeared on the site and it's not even clear that they're Chinese or original. they are all MTL translated and barely Edited even the names of the characters have big problems. and all of the novels of the site have become premium from chapter 5 even the originals? why original novels also become locked ones? is Webnovel going to become completely closed to purchases?


I used to really like this book. The premise, the op mc, the strength system they were all really good and then all of the sudden the author completely pulls a bait and switch where the story becomes a cheap rip off of pokemon the strength system which made him OP is now worthless or maybe nonexistent hard to tell honestly. Most of the early main characters seem to have been dropped at least for the last 30 or so chapters and the most offensive part for me was when he made a big spectacle entering the most prestigious magic school in the country where even the headmaster was shook, he proceeds to graduate from the school in the span of a month and never talks to the headmaster or anyone again with very lackluster reactions all around to this grand event. All in all the author of this story has thoroughly mastered the Dao of the bait and switch. Save yourself some money and dont pay a dime for this book like i did.... No medicine for regret.


Something wrong in 100+ chapters, I thought this is about rune but now about beast, I thought he can level up his rune even some of them are gold grade. So what the heck is happening? Maybe the title was wrong it should be. Shock! I can talk to beast in english? 😂😂 The runes are his specialty but he ignore it haha.. He is clinging to became a beastmaster not rune master.? Maybe I'm wrong but I think the plot turned left to original story.


its a good story but omg did you start charging way fun too soon. I mean for real thats just greedy as h ell. will just wait till it gets bootlegged.


it started well with RUNES but after joining academy it transformed completely into beast taming with no usage of Runes at all......WHERE ARE THE RUNES GONE AUTHOR?????


Honestly i was excited at first with him using runes but as other people have said it has turned into a beast taming novel where he doesnt even use his runes and has his beasts do everything, seriously what the actual ****. ill still read it though because im interested in the beast taming novels but god **** should have just started with that🙄


Overall its pretty good, however, I'm so confused as to how it goes from being about using runes to using beasts. Had it gone from using just runes to using both runes and beasts it would have made more sense.


The mc is dumb, he is overpowered but then there are dumb reasons to force hin ti have *** with the princess. its really just a power trip but then really bad, I think you should just play CSGO or something else and don't read this novel. I know my review is bad but I won't waste my time making a good review about this novel. I only gave this 2,6 stars because the update stability and the writing quality are okay.


Story throws away the combat system after 100 chapters or so. Pretty much starts of with magic runes and turns into pokemon. It’s pretty much a complete different story after. (The entire cast just dissappears beSides the MC) The translation is also full of grammar and punctuation mistakes. Names can be translated or left in pinyin in the SAME sentence.