1 Prologue of the Wolf

Author's Note: Hello Guys! This is my very first ever Fanfiction. If you're reading this Thank you so much for taking an interest on my work. English is not my native language and i would gladly accept grammatical error comments. Please just don't use profanity. Again, Thank you and enjoy!


'Who am I? Where is this place? What happened? Why is everything dark in this place'

Suddenly pain started to assault my very being, and then i remembered everything.

My name is Arima Daisuke. 15 years old and an exchange student from Japan here in the Philippines. My parents were here in the Philippines before as a business trip and loved the country so much they decided that they want to open a company here in the Philippines and brought me here to continue my studies. It also helps that it's near japan. I've been here for almost a month now and I just finished my first day in school when it all happened.

I was walking on my way home after school because our house was only a mile away from it.

As i was walking i saw a truck rampaging on the street where i was about to cross and i immediately side stepped from it. I said

"Woah, that was close. I thought i was a goner there. I don't want to be reincarnated Truck-kun, thank you very much."

If you are wondering, yes i'm an avid fan of anime/mangas and their respective fanfiction works and crossovers where reincarnation starts with Truck-kun.

"Maybe someone is destined to be reincarnated just now. That truck was speeding at almost 80km/hr on a 40km/hr speed-limit street."

As i was wondering on what just happened i saw a woman being threatened by some dude in one of the alleyways across the street on the right. I was meant to turn left after i crossed over but It piqued my interest and when i saw who the victim was i immediately can tell that it was my beautiful homeroom teacher.

I crossed the street but not before checking if truck kun was back. As i can see that it is safe i crossed the street and walk straight to the alleyway were i saw my teacher and said

"Ms. Lopez? Is that you? Is everything okay over there?".

She answered "M-mr. Arima? E-everything is okay my dear. Please just go on your way home."

As she said those words i can tell that she was really scared but i can also see in her eyes that she is pleading. Pleading not for her safety, but for me to get away so that i won't be involved in what was happening. When she said those words i was slightly blinded by a reflection of the sun and when i looked carefully there it was, a knife pointed on her lower back.

I just stood there for what feels like hours but technically only a few seconds of silence was what it really was. From the moment i saw the knife i've been wracking my brain on how will i be able to help my teacher. I walked closer one step at a time and told her

"Oh is that so, i was just wondering if you'll be able to help me on my way home because as you know it is my first day here and i'm kind of lost ma'am." I was around 2 meters from her when i finished talking and then the guy told me abruptly "Back of kid, me and your teacher here are having a conversation. Scram right now and don't look back." As he said that he showed the knife. I tensed again for a brief second and then Ms. Lopez said.

"Please Da-daisuke-kun. Please just go." There it is those eyes again! Argggg!

Seconds passed by and i was just standing there. When the dude-no douchebag was about to talk again a very loud bark echoed in the alleyway "WOOF " the man was a bit surprised because of the tense atmosphere and when he was distracted i sprinted towards the man as fast as i can and pushed him as hard as possible. He almost got a hold on Ms. Lopez for support while he was falling but it was all too sudden and he fell down on his butt.

I grabbed Ms. Lopez hard in order for her to wake up on her trance on what just happened and pulled her. We ran away as fast as we can and when i looked back the man was chasing us. When we got out of the alleyway we tried to cross the street. Ms. Lopez looked back and saw the man stopped on the exit of the alleyway.

As we were crossing the street i saw a truck speeding on our way. I immediately recognized it as the truck earlier. I thought to myself "Ohhh SH*T".

The truck was so fast the only thing that i was able to do was to push Ms. Lopez as a last ditch effort. I let go of Ms. Lopez and pushed her backwards.

Afterwards I got hit by the truck and it hurts? It doesn't hurt but I can't feel anything! But i can see in my peripheral vision that i'm lying on a pool of blood! My F*CKING blood!

Then Ms. Lopez came to me as soon as possible. Crying so hard i can't describe how silly she looked like! She kept on saying sorry to me and I tried to speak to her but i can't speak. I just smiled at her so that she'll know that it is okay.

After that i saw the dog walk from the alleyway whom i can now tell that looks like a larger breed of a pure white Siberian Husky, went right to us and looked at the truck. It barked at it but instead of hearing multiple "woof" it went as "You fucking dumbass! Why do you keep on killing innocent bystanders to fucking reincarnate! Are you mad?!!!".

There were a lot of swearing words after that and i was feeling sorry for truck kun. No no no dumbass! That's the one that hit you. After the dog was finish roasting truck kun he went to me and said. "It's okay young man. Everything will be okay. Sleep and meet me on the other side". Then it all went dark.

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