Shinobi Exam: Broadcasting The Future! [Completed]

That year, the Akatsuki was still hiding in Rain Village. That year, Konan wasn't relieved from the pain of losing Yahiko yet. That year, an unfamiliar live exam space pulled the Akatsuki group in. It asked: What was the reason Akatsuki was destroyed before the Fourth Shinobi War? A: The unrealistic goal of peace in the shinobi world. B: It's too weak to resist the coalition of the shinobis. C: Members of the Akatsuki organization took off their clothes in battle. D: Deception by internal members from beginning to end. Pain: "The most unlikely is the most likely, I choose C." Which of the following characters is not an undercover agent of Konoha? A: Konan. B: Uchiha Itachi. C: Pain. D: Uchiha Obito. Pain looked at the sweating Uchiha Itachi. "Red, what do you think of this question?" P.s: For the fairness of this exam, everything was broadcasted live to the Ninja World! ... Translator: RandomAlex Editor: Luffy Raw: https://www.uukanshu.com/b/165623/

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Chapter 85. Uzumaki Nagato's Ambitions.

At the top of Amegakure.

Although immensely shocked by the other party's Rinnegan, after confirming that the other party was Uchiha Fugaku, Uzumaki Nagato was ready to tell him all the information he knew.

"I know that you have already taken two exams, and I have seen what Itachi has gained.

He can go back to the past. Is that the so-called exclusive reward?"


Uzumaki Nagato continued to listen, and fearing that Uchiha Sasuke would wake up in the middle, he told Deva Path to come and take him away.

"I want to know, what happened in the original timeline?"

Uchiha Fugaku's voice was deep. He has suppressed this question for three years!

The Uchiha clan had been living on a hidden island overseas these years. The island had several boundaries laid in succession around it. A dozen Mangekyō members were on duty in turns.

Over the years, those children had grown up, and from time to time, they would ask about the events of that year, but he didn't know how to answer them.

Fortunately, over the years, some people had guessed what happened back then. One after another, they awakened their eyes.

Especially Uchiha Izumi, who thought Itachi was dead, and her ability ...

"3 years ago, after Uchiha Itachi destroyed the Uchiha clan, he entered Akatsuki as a spy until the appearance of exam space."

"Before you came, he came to me and said that he would go back and kill Shimura Danzō."

"Kill Shimura Danzō?"

Uchiha Fugaku froze for a moment. He knew of Shimura Danzō's hatred toward the Uchiha clan watching the exam.

But he was still a little confused. Why didn't Itachi mention these things to him?

"I stopped him and gave him a suggestion. I told him to create an illusion and fake the Uchiha clan's end."

Uzumaki Nagato's voice was subdued. Although there were no words of credit between the lines, it gave Uchiha Fugaku the feeling that he was the hero of the Uchiha clan.

This made Uchiha Fugaku feel a little better about Uzumaki Nagato.

"Now that you are here, I think our plan has been successful. I just wonder, how many of your Uchiha clan had escaped?"

Then, Uzumaki Nagato looked as if he randomly guessed, "five hundred?"

"That scroll, it's yours too?"

Uchiha Fugaku froze. If the scroll wasn't Uzumaki Nagato's, there's no way he could have given such an accurate number!

But if the scroll belonged to Uzumaki Nagato, then Itachi...

"Ah yes, I gave Itachi two scrolls."

Uzumaki Nagato's expression of taking things for granted made Uchiha Fugaku suddenly look stiff.

'Sure enough, both scrolls were his.'

'However, if both scrolls belonged to Uzumaki Nagato, what did Itachi prepare?'

Seeing Uchiha Fugaku freeze, Uzumaki Nagato understood it.

Sure enough, just as he thought!

Uchiha Fugaku wasn't the only one who survived the night of Uchiha's demise.

With a flash of light in his eyes, Uzumaki Nagato knew that the most difficult time had come.

That was, to persuade the Uchiha clan...

To get them to come out of hiding!

"Patriarch Fugaku, I wonder if Uchiha Itachi has told you about the Uchiha clan children he was planning to raise in Amegakure."

Uzumaki Nagato was all smiles. He looked at Uchiha Fugaku expectantly.

"No, never."

Fugaku did not say much. The situation was still unclear, and he couldn't let the Uchiha clan, which had been hiding for so many years, reappear in the shinobi world based solely on Uzumaki Nagato's words.

"Then, now you have."

Uzumaki Nagato had a smile on his face. With these few words, he had discovered how difficult Uchiha Fugaku was to deal with.

Therefore, he decided to talk about the future with Fugaku in a different way!

No negotiation couldn't be solved by illustrating how the profit would be shared, and if there was, the profit just wasn't big enough!

"Patriarch Fugaku, do you believe in the future?"


Fugaku's expression was slightly moved. He had just used his pupils to look at Uzumaki Nagato.


'Fire all over the sky!'

The red flame that burned the entire shinobi world!

It's just that Fugaku was a little puzzled. Under the flames, he didn't see people mourning but people in joy.

It's just that he didn't look too far at that moment either. At this moment, hearing Uzumaki Nagato remind him, Uchiha Fugaku's eyes instantly changed again.

'Eternal Mangekyō!'

The pupil of his right eye slowly moved, and a scene flashed through Uzumaki Fugaku's mind.

Amidst the crimson flames in the sky, a figure separated heaven and earth. He was followed by countless shinobi, who wore peculiar forehead protectors.

The figure was followed by a woman's back, with her hair hanging down to her feet, and she was floating in mid-air.

Then came Uzumaki Nagato, Naruto, Sasuke, five Kages, Uchiha, and people from various shinobi clans.

They all looked up at the figure, and their eyes were full of fighting spirit.

Just as Uchiha Fugaku tried to get a better look at the figure, the image in his eyes abruptly shifted.

A largemouth that covered the sky appeared in the heavens above the shinobi world, and the owner of the largemouth was a huge creature that seemed to swim like a fish.

Behind it, countless figures not far behind it wandered in the void above.

A piece of scale armor on its body was even larger than the moon in the shinobi world.

As if the fish-like being sensed Uchiha Fugaku's prying eyes.

A pair of giant eyes bursting with frightening light suddenly looked over.

A suddenly heavy atmosphere!

Unbelievable terror instantly attacked!

As it gazed, countless planets exploded and turned into fragments.

The moon next to the shinobi world, without any resistance at all, was instantly destroyed.

'Die! Die! Die!'

This thought came to Uchiha Fugaku's mind as he met the beast's gaze.

Uchiha Fugaku turned its head in a hurry, but because of its oversized body, Uchiha Fugaku saw its pupils.

At this moment, Uchiha Fugaku's scalp felt like it exploded!

He was horrified to find that the giant pupil of the beast was densely reflecting countless corpses.

Like a sea of corpses!

These bodies were wide-eyed as if they had seen something horrible before they died, leaving them with an agonizing death.

What chilled Uchiha Fugaku's whole body was that these corpses all had Rinnegan!

Blue Rinnegan!

Red Rinnegan!

An even! Golden Rinnegan!



Uchiha Fugaku was instantly awakened.

At the moment, his right eye was bleeding.

In just a short moment, his whole body was covered in a cold sweat!

'It's horrifying...'

'Truly horrifying!'

At that moment, his face was full of panic. His head was full of those soul-gripping Rinnegan and those dead bodies.

'Who are those corpses?'

'What is that giant fish beast?'

Uchiha Fugaku wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and looked at Uzumaki Nagato in front of him. His eyes momentarily drifted off into a daze.

Uzumaki Nagato frowned. Just as Uchiha Fugaku stared at him, it gave him a strange feeling.

"This is my pupil technique. I can briefly see the future." Uchiha Fugaku almost wanted to say something else.

"Oh? What did you see?"

Uzumaki Nagato looked at the stunned Uchiha Fugaku with interest.

He was curious about what would happen in the shinobi world's future that made this Uchiha patriarch's expression change so much.

"Fire, crimson fire. A fire that burned the entire shinobi world. People were jumping and cheering in flames."

"Crimson fire?"

Uzumaki Nagato froze, then the corners of his mouth picked up.

With sincerity in his eyes, he looked at Uchiha Fugaku and extended his right hand to Fugaku.

"I'm going to create a country.

A country, without a Daimyō;

A country, without class segregation;

A country where everyone can learn jutsu;

A country where there are schools for every child to attend and where the knowledge taught in school is no longer just about jutsu and fighting;

In this country, the elderly will have hospitals to treat their illnesses;

In this country, there would be no war. What there is, is only an external powerful force.

This country will unify the entire shinobi world."

"This country will be called the Land of Shinobi!"

"The colors of this country will be crimson!"

Uzumaki Nagato held out his arms as if he were a madman in a frenzy.

"I believe that in the future if miracles have a color, it must be crimson!"

"I believe that we can create such a miracle!"

"Patriarch Uchiha Fugaku!"

"Back then, Uchiha Madara started the shinobi village system with the Uchiha people, and time has proven him wrong."

"Now, the same choice is before you. How would you choose?"

"The future Land of Shinobi needs the power of the Uchiha clan!

The future of the shinobi world needs the power of the Uchiha clan!"

"Patriarch Fugaku, would you like to be the first person to seize the opportunity?"

Uchiha Fugaku was completely dumbfounded when he looked at the spiraling Nagato, who seemed to be in a frenzy.

His breathing ...

It was getting heavier and heavier!


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