37 Chapter 37. Something Isn't Right with This Akatsuki.

Nagato's mind was sharp. He quickly caught the glimmer of light in his mind, and then a compelling phrase appeared in his mind.

Nagato mentally recited it, and it was as if a flame rose up from his heart for a moment.

The pores of his whole body were relaxed, and both his mind and body were plunged into extreme comfort.

Nagato tried his best to control his facial expressions so that he wouldn't behave unnaturally. He had already made a good draft in his heart.

He wanted to inform the shinobi world that Akatsuki's next move was to capture the Tailed Beasts.

He wanted to make everyone in the major shinobi villages afraid and then profit from it.

Turning his wheelchair with both hands to move himself forward, Nagato waved his hand in the same manner as Jiraiya.

"Listen up, all of you in the shinobi world..."

"I, Uzumaki Nagato ..."

Suddenly, Nagato's heart thumped. He suddenly forgot what was next in his draft.

What's even more frightening was that the more he thought about it, the faster the draft he'd thought up for a while disappeared.

Now, it's more like it was never there.

Nagato clicked his tongue, and beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead.

He was too nervous!

He had never spoken in a crowded place. At most, he would control Deva Path to deliver an impromptu speech, but...

Using a front puppet was different from doing it live!

Not to mention that he was now facing a live broadcast to everyone in the entire shinobi world.

'What to do, what to do ...'

'What am I going to say?'

Nagato felt his mind go blank.

'No, I have to say something.'

'That's it!'

Nagato's heart snapped as he uttered words that would shame him for the rest of his life.

"At the peak of the shinobi world, no one could beat me, Pain!"

After Pain finished, Deva Path Pain flashed behind him. He appeared behind the wheelchair and pulled it backward with great speed.

The other Pains immediately gathered up and formed a wall to surround Nagato.

Sasori looked at Nagato, who was hiding, and his mouth moved but didn't say anything in the end.

He felt that there might be some reasons for the leader to do so.

Sasori shook his head. He wasn't interested in other people in the shinobi world and didn't care about being stared at as a puppet.

It was Deidara, who watched the leader's movements, and his eyes lit up, but then they darkened again.

He was also a flashy person, but unfortunately, not as chūnibyō as the leader.

Although he always talked about art as an explosion, he still wanted some dignity.

Unlike the leader, who could shout in the sky above Konoha: 'Let the world feel pain. '

'That was too chūnibyō!'

Deidara was thinking about this when he suddenly saw Hidan step out from beside him, holding his huge scythe upside down and holding the collar of his red cloud robe up, blocking half of his face.

Akatsuki's people knew what Hidan was up to when they watched him move forward with incredible momentum.

He wanted to take this opportunity to spread his heresy!

As expected...

Hidan stopped after taking about a dozen steps forward. His scythe was dancing in the wind with one hand. He wore the red cloud robe, and his matching silver eyes and slick-back hair looked very impressive.

Hidan twirled the scythe for a while, feeling that the momentum was brewing. He grabbed the end of the sickle to control it.


The hum of vibration on the tip made everyone look at him.

Gulping, Hidan was a little nervous in his heart, but in order to promote Jashinism and gain the great Jashin-sama more believers.

He had to do it!

Handsomely pulling his collar, Hidan raised his head 45 degrees and looked to the sky, giving all those watching the live broadcast in the shinobi world the illusion: 'I'm looking at you.'

"I am Hidan, a Jashinists..."


In Konoha.

Uzumaki Naruto blinked his big blue eyes and stared blankly at the Akatsuki group, who had suddenly changed their demeanor.

He felt as if something was suddenly wrong with this group.

Ever since they found out ...

They were live-broadcasted from the beginning. And one by one, they became abnormal.

Their pretentiousness gave Uzumaki Naruto a strong sense of dissonance.

This made Uzumaki Naruto curious.

'Is it true that everyone becomes abnormal when they're on air?'

Especially the leader of Akatsuki, Uzumaki Nagato, he was the strangest!

Naruto craned his neck. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his smile was surprisingly somewhat devious from a distance.

"Who gave you the courage, brother?"

"You can't even beat me, so what's the point of such nonsense!"


Konohagakure, the Hyūga clan.

A series of figures gathered in front of Hyūga Hiashi's residence and stood quietly.

"Clan Head, I have something important to discuss with you."

Inside the house, Hyūga Hinata's family of four was eating. Hinata had just woken up; however, she didn't see the scene about her in the video.

So, she was a little unclear as to why Hanabi didn't eat properly and kept staring at her.

And her father, who had always been serious, looked at her from time to time and looked awkward.

As for her mother, she had a smile in her eyes, and she didn't know what she was thinking.

This made Hinata feel that the atmosphere at the dinner table was extremely strange.

A voice from outside broke the unexplainable atmosphere at the dinner table, and Hinata was just about to excuse herself while her father took care of clan business when she heard him speak faintly.

"Something came up today, so you guys go back first."

"But the Clan Head, it's a matter of Oj..."

"I told you to go back. Did you hear me?"

"... yes!"

After a long while, there were some noises outside, followed by the sound of a group of people leaving.

Feeling that her father seemed angry, Hinata almost wanted to bury her whole face into her rice bowl.


"Ah? Father."

Being called out by Hyūga Hiashi, Hinata was shocked and thought she had made another mistake that had upset her father and was about to apologize when she heard Hyūga Hiashi say:

"I heard you say that you met a friend at school."


Hinata froze for a moment, assuring herself that she had never said that to her own father. Even if she said this, it was with her mother and Hanabi. Besides, when she was at school ...

"Named Uzumaki Naruto?"


Hinata was once again stunned and then instantly depressed.

She knew what her father was going to say. It must be: 'You're a Hyūga, how can you be friends with him?' ...

"You're a Hyūga. How can you have no friends?"


Hinata looked up dumbfounded, with a grain of rice still hanging at the corner of her mouth. She looked very cute.

Then, she saw it ...

His father got up and wiped the grain from her mouth with a handkerchief.


Hinata was completely shocked. She keenly felt that something was wrong, but she didn't know what it was.

'This can't be my father!'

Hinata looked at her mother suspiciously. Was she still dreaming and hadn't woken up? She remembered that she fainted when she saw the handsome Naruto.

Hinata felt that she had caught the truth of the matter.

"Tomorrow, your mother will cook some lunch, so you can invite Uzumaki Naruto to be a guest."


Hyūga Hinata could not hold back any longer and screamed out.

She looked at her father, who had a serious face, and her mother, who was looking at him with good humor and amusement, and her mind raced.

There's something wrong with her father.

'Invite Naruto-kun home as a guest, that's...'

'Meeting the parents!?'

Hyūga Hinata's face flushed. Then, she straightened up and fainted.

Hyūga Hanabi saw this and clapped her hands with some excitement.

"Mother, mother, look, Oneechan passed out again."

"I told you Oneechan's head would be smoking~"


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