Shinobi Exam: Broadcasting The Future! [Completed]

That year, the Akatsuki was still hiding in Rain Village. That year, Konan wasn't relieved from the pain of losing Yahiko yet. That year, an unfamiliar live exam space pulled the Akatsuki group in. It asked: What was the reason Akatsuki was destroyed before the Fourth Shinobi War? A: The unrealistic goal of peace in the shinobi world. B: It's too weak to resist the coalition of the shinobis. C: Members of the Akatsuki organization took off their clothes in battle. D: Deception by internal members from beginning to end. Pain: "The most unlikely is the most likely, I choose C." Which of the following characters is not an undercover agent of Konoha? A: Konan. B: Uchiha Itachi. C: Pain. D: Uchiha Obito. Pain looked at the sweating Uchiha Itachi. "Red, what do you think of this question?" P.s: For the fairness of this exam, everything was broadcasted live to the Ninja World! ... Translator: RandomAlex Editor: Luffy Raw: https://www.uukanshu.com/b/165623/

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Chapter 177. Mount Myōboku's Wilderness.

"Senju Hashirama!"

Seeing the incoming person, Uchiha Fugaku's face instantly turned gloomy.

Although he didn't fight with Senju Hashirama, he was abused by Uchiha Madara!

The other party was an existence that could arm-wrestle with Uchiha Madara and even suppressed Uchiha Madara in every fight.

Uchiha Fugaku was instantly motivated.

"Wood Release! Wood Golem Jutsu!"


Senju Hashirama slapped his palms together, no one could even see his formed seals, and in the next moment, his jutsu was successfully activated.

His whole person rapidly rose up, and in the blink of an eye, a thousand-meter-tall wooden man appeared in front of Uchiha Fugaku.

"This Wood Golem Jutsu actually exists!!!"

Seeing Senju Hashirama's Wood Golem Jutsu, Uchiha Fugaku wasn't surprised, but the shinobi below were shocked.

This was the second time that they had seen the Wood Golem Jutsu!

The first time they saw it was in the survival exam. Uzumaki Naruto used the Wood Golem Jutsu to fight against Sasuke's Thunder God Jutsu.

But no one thought that they would see this jutsu in reality.

Unexpectedly, this turned out to be a jutsu owned by Konoha's First Hokage.

"Now that the complete body Susanoo, Rinnegan, and the Wood Golem Jutsu has appeared. The Thunder God Jutsu and Tenseigan are also real, right?"

No one knew who said it first, but everyone gasped.

'If the Wood Golem Jutsu appeared in the shinobi world, could the Thunder God Jutsu and Tenseigan be far away?'

However, except for the Raikage and Kakashi, it seems that there were no shinobi that could use Lightning Release, let alone Lightning Release shinobi that were comparable to Senju Hashirama.

Right now, all the people of the allied forces were looking at Senju Hashirama in shock.

At this moment, seeing Senju Hashirama, they remembered their fear of being dominated by Uchiha Madara a few days ago.

'Too strong. Simply inhuman!'

All the shinobi who looked at Senju Hashirama's wooden golem felt their scalp tingling.

The wooden golem that was thousands of meters high, not to mention the power of Wood Release or not, the chakra required for such a large jutsu, was massive!

The 300-meter-tall full-bodied Susanoo couldn't even reach the waist of the wooden man in front of it.

Just like a dwarf.

No matter how surprised everyone below was, Senju Hashirama coldly looked at Uchiha Fugaku. In the next moment, the wooden golem suddenly clenched its fist and swung it at the Susanoo.


The sonic boom rolled up the dust, sent out a strong wind, and struck Uchiha Fugaku hard.


Uchiha Fugaku let out a heavy grunt. The Eternal Mangekyō in his eyes rapidly spun. His Sharingan was even more recklessly pouring strength into his Susanoo.

Then, Uchiha Fugaku picked up the sword that was covered with black flames and slashed at Senju Hashirama's wooden fist.


At the moment when his Susanoo sword collided with the wooden golem's fist, the Susanoo sword was shattered by the wooden golem's terrifying force and dissipated into chakra, floating in the air.

Although the Susanoo sword was destroyed, Uchiha Fugaku's attack wasn't ineffective.

The fist of Senju Hashirama's golem had a crack, forming a meter wide and several meter-long gap.

That's not all. In the crack, black Amaterasu flames burned like maggots, searing the inside of the wooden golem's fist along the crack.


Senju Hashirama felt the flame on the wooden golem's fist, and with a slight hum, and no other movement, the wooden golem's fist instantly came off.

Then Wood Release was unleashed. Giant wood roots coiled and soon formed a new fist.

Because of the height of the wooden golem, the fallen fist was burned up by Amaterasu before landing. From a distance, it looked like an obliterated black meteor.

Senju Hashirama looked down at Uchiha Fugaku, who was panting heavily and struck again with a punch.


A violent boom rang out, the smoke cleared, and the allied crowd gazed blankly at the center of the battle.

There, Uchiha Fugaku's eyes were streaked with tears of blood. His hands were pressing against Senju Hashirama's fist.

"Damn it!"

Uchiha Fugaku pressed down the blood in his chest. Unlike Madara's battle with the five Kages, he couldn't even fully defend against Senju Hashirama's attack on him.

Besides, Senju Hashirama was too strong!

His combat awareness and combat tactics were too strong!

The speed of that wooden golem's fist left Uchiha Fugaku with no room to gather his Susanoo sword again.

At this moment, Uchiha Fugaku had already overdrawn his Eternal Mangekyō's power.


Seeing that Uchiha Fugaku blocked his second punch, Senju Hashirama gave Uchiha Fugaku a second look.

Unexpectedly, in addition to Uchiha Madara, there were people in the shinobi world who could block his full power punch.

"Hmm, how about this?"

Shhh, shhh, shhh!

A gust of wind broke out, and Uchiha Fugaku subconsciously looked overhead.

With just one look, he instantly froze.

"This ..."

"How is that possible!!"

Uchiha Fugaku looked at the hundreds of fists overhead with horror. They stretched out from all over the wooden golem, just like countless wooden tentacles, overlooking him.

Seeing this, Uchiha Fugaku was shocked.

At this moment, he only felt a cool air rushing down from the Susanoo below him, from the bottom of his feet, all the way to the sky.

He was completely frozen.

He swore that he didn't underestimate Senju Hashirama, let alone make any mistakes in the battle.

'But this ...'

'Why is this gap so big!!!??'

Uchiha Fugaku was desperate as he watched those fists coming at him overhead!

He stared at these fists, knowing that his present Susanoo couldn't bear the other party's attack, so at the moment, there was only one idea in his heart.

'Should I use Izanagi?'

Uchiha Fugaku's thoughts quickly flashed, but eventually, there was no other action. He was under Senju Hashirama's attack.




Fists and arms made up of giant trees bombarded Uchiha Fugaku's Susanoo like crazy.

One punch, two punches ... Countless punches!

Uchiha Fugaku could resist at first, but with Senju Hashirama's constant attacks, Uchiha Fugaku could no longer resist.

In the end, he simply gave up resistance.

The sound of dense fists hitting bone emanated from the center, and the shinobi allied crowd looked at it in near stasis.

Countless fists on the wooden golem frantically attacked Uchiha Fugaku, and even a shadow appeared with every attack.

Each punch blasted on Susanoo; the terrifying power transmitted raised a large amount of dust.

What shocked countless people even more, was that Uchiha Fugaku's complete body Susanoo was getting smaller and smaller as Senju Hashirama kept attacking.

Finally, it even disappeared into the dust.

"He... he's not just going to die, is he?"

A shinobi from Kumogakure looked at the center of the battle. The Hokage's giant wooden golem caused the ground to tremble with every punch.

With so many fists blasting down, he didn't have to look to know that the ground there was probably shaved down.

"No way, he's the patriarch of the Uchiha clan. Surly his Sharingan Secret Technique that could even defeat Danzō would come out later."

The speaker was a Kirigakure Jōnin. As he spoke, he suddenly looked aside at the frozen Konoha shinobi.

This Konoha shinobi was the one who started to cheer for the Third Hokage.

At the moment, his eyes were wide open, his mouth was wide open, and he was looking at the center of the battlefield with horror.

"Hey man, wake up."

The shinobi from Kumogakure slapped the former on the shoulder, causing him to jolt, then look around in bewilderment.

"Didn't you say that the Third Hokage is the strongest Hokage?"

"How could the First Hokage beat Uchiha Fugaku? The guy can't even fight back!"

Hearing the other shinobi around him, the Konoha shinobi's mouth opened and closed a few times, but nothing came out.

If by now, he hadn't figured out what was going on, then he's really a fool!

However, who would have thought that the records in Konoha's ninja school about ' The Third Hokage is the strongest Hokage throughout the generations of Hokage' was false!?

"Forget it. I see you don't know either. Why didn't Danzō come for this siege against Akatsuki?"

Once again, stunned by this question, the Konoha shinobi simply pretended not to hear anything and didn't answer.

'So embarrassing!'

This Konoha shinobi was about to die of embarrassment at the moment.

If not for the fact that each shinobi's position in the allied force was fixed, at this moment, he would have found a crack in the ground and hid there.

After all, how could he talk about these embarrassing things with the shinobi of the other villages?


"Mother, it seems that our plan is going to succeed."

Not far behind the shinobi alliance, three figures were lurking in the gap in the void.

Black Zetsu, Kaguya, and Tobi planned to capture all the nine Tailed Beasts.

Because they were hiding in the crack between spaces, they could see the dynamics of the Allied Shinobi Forces, but the allied force couldn't detect them. So, at this moment, even if they talked, no one could hear them.


Ōtsutsuki Kaguya's ears twitched as she looked at Black Zetsu with some admiration.

She sometimes really couldn't understand why the brainless Black Zetsu sometimes had so much brain.

"With Senju Hashirama, the two lines of defense set up by Uzumaki Nagato won't be able to stop the Allied Shinobi Forces."

"So, either he or Uchiha Madara, or the Ichibi and Kyūbi, who are still in Amegakure, will show up at the battlefield."

"The Nanabi is sealed. As long as we catch the Ichibi, Hachibi, and Kyūbi too, we can turn Uchiha Obito into the Jūbi's Jinchūriki and transform into Six Paths mode."

"When the time comes, Mother can devour him, and your strength will definitely return to its peak."

With that, Black Zetsu's gaze suddenly looked at a Kumo shinobi dressed in black among the alliance crowd.

He found out that the other party was the Hachibi's Jinchūriki -- Killer B!

Unexpectedly, he was allowed to be brought to the battlefield by the Fourth Raikage.

"Even if all three Tailed Beasts are gathered here, if we capture the Tailed Beasts, these shinobi will definitely attack us."

The White Zetsu Tobi raised his hand in fear and was about to speak when he heard the unquestionable voice from Black Zetsu.

"When three Tailed Beast's Jinchūriki appear together, as long as the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path is summoned, it will capture the remaining Tailed Beasts by itself."

After Black Zetsu said that, he stopped talking.

Once again, silence fell between the three.


"Is this it, Mount Myōboku!"

Outside Mount Myōboku, Ōtsutsuki Toneri's consciousness descended on an Ōtsutsuki puppet.

He quietly surveyed the place that seemed like a paradise. The look on his face didn't fluctuate.

Ōtsutsuki Toneri's controlled puppet condensed a yellow energy bomb and threw it at Mount Myōboku.


The energy bomb flew for a while, then inexplicably exploded ahead as if it was blocked by something.

"Is this... a boundary?"

Ōtsutsuki Toneri was slightly stunned. In the next moment, several Ōtsutsuki puppets around him moved together and gathered a round of energy projectiles to blast towards Mount Myōboku.

Suddenly, a boundary of shimmering light appeared in front of Ōtsutsuki Toneri.

As the boundary was revealed, the real scene within it was exposed to Ōtsutsuki Toneri.

Environmentally, there was no change.

The only change was that as the boundary was revealed, inside the boundary, toad after toad appeared in front of Ōtsutsuki Toneri.

Huge, variously colored toads were lying in various places inside the boundary, looking at Ōtsutsuki Toneri in a creepy manner.

This weird scene would make any shinobi feel creepy.

Fortunately, Ōtsutsuki Toneri wasn't an ordinary guy, or rather, he wasn't a normal guy.

In the face of countless pairs of eyes staring at him, Ōtsutsuki Toneri's voice was still cold and unapproachable.

"Hand over Hyūga Hinata, and I will not kill you."

"Otherwise, after today, there will be no more Mount Myōboku in the shinobi world."

Ōtsutsuki Toneri slowly said so. His killing intent was unconcealed.

In fact, he knew the true strength of these toads. Although they were considered a force to be reckoned with in the shinobi world, for the Ōtsutsuki puppets, such strength wasn't enough to hold them back.

"The Great Toad Sage gave an order. Only people who come to study the senjutsu are allowed to enter Mount Myōboku, no one else."

"You... please go back."

A toad was covered with a black cloak, with a small body standing on the head of the toad crowd, spoke coldly.


Hearing Fukasaku, Ōtsutsuki Toneri directly attacked without saying anything.

As he gave the order, countless puppets of the Ōtsutsuki clan appeared outside Mount Myōboku one after another and blasted at the barriers around it.

For a while, the whole sky was illuminated as if it was daylight.

Countless yellow energy bombs exploded above the boundary, frantically tearing the space around the barriers. The Ōtsutsuki puppet's round of attack made the barrier around Mount Myōboku crack.

"Mount Myōboku Toad clan, prepare for battle!"

Seeing that the barrier was about to break, Fukasaku's expression changed.

He could tell that these people were very strong from the sealless jutsu that they used.

At least, they were much better than the Toad clan.

Moreover, their numbers were far more than that of the toads.

But the orders of the Great Toad Sage were absolute. As long as the Great Toad Sage didn't speak, even if all the Toads fought to the death and they couldn't let the other party step into Mount Myōboku.


Boom! Boom!

The barrier above Mount Myōboku was instantly broken by another collective bombardment of yellow energy bombs.

Then the Ōtsutsuki clan puppets rushed towards the toads in a frenzy.

Shh, shh, shh, shh!

An Ōtsutsuki puppet suddenly ejected countless blades from his body and directly dismembered the huge brown toad in front of it.

Flesh and blood are flying all over the sky, leaving all the toads stunned.

Not waiting for them to react, in the next moment, a round of yellow energy bombs indiscriminately bombarded, directly killing them.

In Mount Myōboku, a burst of wails of the toads and the smell of charred grilled meat wafted out.

No one knew how long it took.

While Fukasaku was tearing apart a puppet with the help of Gamabunta, Shima suddenly appeared in front of all of them.

"Stop the killing. The Great Toad Sage has asked you to take her away."

Saying this, a red toad with a steel fork stepped forward and handed over Hyūga Hinata, who was unconscious.

After picking Hinata up, glancing at her, and seeing that she was only unconscious, Ōtsutsuki Toneri picked her up in a princess carry and turned to leave.

As he left, the Ōtsutsuki puppets instantly followed.

"Shima, if the Great Toad Sage does this, what will Naruto do?"

Fukasaku's gaze slightly sunk. Hinata's feelings for Naruto, let alone their toad clan, the entire shinobi world knows.

Now, handing over Hinata to that guy, wouldn't it cause problems with Naruto?

"The Great Toad Sage has his own way. Naruto's matter isn't our concern."