1 The greatest threat...

After 2030, the world is changed into a new place. A place where the hunger for power increased. A place where Robots with emotions and Humans being apathetic and emotionless, work side-by-side. But everything comes with a cost and that cost was experienced in 2050.

2050s is the decade that changed everything. Humans took their domination back from AIs. This timeline changed the people's point of view, it removed blindfolds from their eyes. Many things have happened: from the near extinction of human ruling to the start of a new war without anyone's knowledge. The military of all countries implemented strict rules, so the problems that arose in these decades can never be repeated. But, as everyone says "nothing can be perfect, we can drag it to near perfection but a part of imperfection remains". But who knows, that negligible part of imperfection can turn the whole world upside down.

At present, that imperfection is well known to the world (especially to the Military of every country) by the name "DARK DEVIL".

It's the year 2061, a new decade started. Everyone was looking forward to seeing what this new year brings in their life. But who knows this year will be the most distressing year for the Military. On, the new year day(i.e., 1st January 2061), the left behind imperfection made an announcement that made every Military Colonel come into reality from the dream they have been dreaming(the dream of building a perfect world where no chaos, no wars would happen)

The announcement was as follows:

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DARK DEVIL: Listen everyone. Happy new year, I'm giving a gift to every country. Beware of US, because you are going to be HACKED. We will hack your nuclear missile security codes. We will be the ones to rule the world, to show what and where your places are. We'll give you the deadline, it's 2 months i.e., on March 1st all your lives are going to be ruled by us. Try to stop us if you can. So, be ready to experience our dominance, the time is running out. Tick tock tick tock.

"DARK DEVIL" a terrorist gang came into operation not long ago but has domination over the whole underworld. This gang, intake those people who developed hatred towards society and people, who feel like the world isn't giving them anything except miseries and problems. They brainwash these people and will make them believe that the feelings they were having towards society are true and a change is required. They will train these people in all things such as combat skills, mental manipulation, hacking, etc. But the major advantage which this group has is their technological advancement. The technology they have is not even known to the military. These hackers can hack into any system and are capable of cracking any firewall. Their main motto is "No one can bring changes to the world as good as us"..

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