1 Chapter 1 Perfect Life System

  Bing City, in an internet cafe named 'Golden Rank'.

  "Brother Yan, let me tell you, just when you were sleeping just now, I No Hands took a five-kill, from now on, brother is also a man who has taken five kills, that just now ..."

  Chen Yan leaned on the sofa, looking at the high school classmate and nemesis Yang Sen who was gushing next to him, although the surface is very calm, but the inner waves have long been turbulent.

  "This is the high school often come to the Internet cafe? How did I get here, shouldn't I be sleeping in sister Mei Yun's bed?"

  After a brief moment of confusion, Chen Yan unintentionally glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer monitor - 2016/6/24.

  "What the hell? I'm not dreaming, right, I actually woke up five years ago? In 2016, wasn't it my senior year of high school graduation."

  Yang Sen on the side found that Chen Yan was not listening to him at all, instead, he was talking to himself there, and asked with some confusion, "Brother Yan, what nonsense are you talking about? What five years ago? Are you sleeping dazed?"

  Chen Yan did not pay attention to Yang Sen, he reached out his hand and pinched hard on Yang Sen's arm.

  "Does it hurt?"

  "Of course it hurts."

  "Then why didn't you scream?"

  "Ah ..."

  "Screaming so miserably, it seems like it should be true." Chen Yan muttered to himself.

  "Brother Yan, what's wrong with you? What are you pinching me for all of a sudden?" Yang Sen rubbed his arm and said with some dissatisfaction.

  "Nothing, you continue to play, I'm going to the toilet."

  Chen Yan said stood up and went straight to the bathroom of the Internet cafe, standing in front of the sink, looking at the familiar and slightly unfamiliar face in the mirror, although with a trace of fatigue between the brows, but young and full of vitality.

  He reached out in some disbelief and touched his face, silent for a long time, murmured: "Yes, this is the eighteen-year-old me!"

  Then there was a burst of ecstasy in his heart, he was really reborn!

  It was hard to calm down his excitement, he suddenly thought of what happened before he was reborn and said with a strange look on his face, "Then wasn't I whored by her for nothing last night?"

  After graduating from high school, Chen Yan enrolled in a second-grade university, and during his college years he was addicted to games and novels, and his studies were a mess. Four years, he just barely got a diploma and a bachelor's degree, as for professional knowledge, do not mention it.

  After graduating from college, due to the professional strength, coupled with his excellent appearance conditions, also found a job almost.

  He Mei Yun is Chen Yan half a year after graduation, in a cocktail party met. After the two met, He Mei Yun repeatedly expressed or implied that she wanted Chen Yan to be her ...

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  This persevered for more than half a year, the sudden hospitalization of his father became the last straw that crushed Chen Yan, he finally did not resist the pressure of life.

  The family's external debts, his father's medical expenses, plus his own living expenses, these for him is simply an astronomical amount. Chen Yan, who just graduated a year ago, can say that in addition to handsome, nothing, and finally had no choice but to agree to He Mei Yun's request.

  He consoled himself that although Sister He is already forty years old and a little older, she loves herself and treats her very well. Her figure is a little out of shape, but still charming.

  In this way, he managed to convince himself, do a good job of thinking and dialed He Mei Yun's phone.

  He Mei Yun, who knew that Chen Yan had already figured it out, was also very happy and agreed to all of Chen Yan's requests. Not only did she promise to help Chen Yan pay for his father's medical bills, but she also made a promise to buy him a supercar as a gift.

  The relationship between the two naturally came to fruition. Seeing He Mei Yun's tantalizing appearance lying on her side in bed, Chen Yan's tears flowed out from the corners of his mouth indisputably, so he spent the night at He Mei Yun's villa that night.

  As a result, he now woke up and somehow went back five years. He felt that he had lost his blood, and had obviously paid, but did not enjoy his due ...

  Just when Chen Yan was thinking nonsense, an emotionless mechanical sound came to his mind.

  "Perfect Life System binding in progress! 16% ..... .45%..... .74%..... .99%... Binding complete!"

  "System? Not only have you been reborn, but you also have a system, is this the legendary 'no disaster, no blessing'?"

  A translucent blue screen of light appeared in Chen Yan's mind.

  Host: Chen Yan

  Level: LV0

  Benefit: 1 yuan/cent

  Experience: 0/10,000

  Reserves: 0 yuan

  Skills: None

  Talent: None

  Props: None

  [Special Note 1: Every $1 spent will get 1 point of experience, investment, giving, donation and other actions will also generate experience.

  [Special Note 2: The money of the system comes from the overseas financial market, all the sources of funds are legal and reasonable, please feel free to use it.

  "Current system level LV0, host gets $1 reward every minute, upgrade to unlock more play and benefits."

  "Do not have to do anything, and give yourself 1 yuan every minute, this system is afraid not a fool oh."

  "1 yuan a minute, 1,440 yuan a day, a month is 43,200 yuan, more than 40,000 yuan a month is not much ah."

  Well, he admitted he was a little inflated, his previous salary was less than 100,000 a month, 4,700 to be exact, and the state couldn't bear to make him pay taxes.

  Although it was just over forty thousand a month, the system was upgradeable, and he believed that after the system leveled up, this benefit must be substantial.

  After accepting the fact of rebirth and the system

Chen Yan washed his face with cold water at the sink and felt refreshed. He left the bathroom to find Yang Sen, who was still playing League of Legends in front of the computer.

  He approached a look, Yang Sen playing or the hands of an elementary school student, the operation is simply unbearable to see, stiff one, if you have to let him describe it, is out of the dish, feast four sides, empty stomach strike, relentless infusion of rice, Noxious buffet table ...

  Fifteen minutes later, Yang Sen stretched a lazy back, rubbing his eyes and said, "Brother Yan, I'm done, let's go eat a breakfast, I'm starving."

  Chen Yan's stomach is also a little hungry, with is and Yang Sen companionship left the Internet cafe, came to a breakfast store. On the small table in the store, Chen Yan checked the system panel, in which the reserve had changed from 0 to 25.

  "System, withdraw the reserve to my bank card." Chen Yan silently recited in his mind.

  A vibration came from his phone, it was a prompt SMS from his bank, he clicked on the SMS to check, 25 yuan had been successfully transferred to his bank card. uu read the book www.uukanshu.com

  "This arrived in the account, so fast."

  The balance of the bank card was now 21,450 yuan, and apart from the 25 yuan that had just been withdrawn to the account, the rest was all the pocket money he usually saved.

  After determining that the system benefits can really be withdrawn, Chen Yan's mood is incomparably excited, this is developed, he can't help but fantasize about his future life ...

  "Brother Yan, after eating go home or go to the Internet cafe to continue the conquest?" Yang Sen's inquiry interrupted Chen Yan's fantasy.

  "Go home, I advise you to rest and recuperate your liver, just graduated from high school, there is more time later, now do not play lifelessly." Chen Yan looked at Yang Sen's face full of pimples and admonished.

  "It makes sense, I'm not thinking that it's easy to be free, a little bit to let yourself go, then call it a day and fight again at night."

  "Come on, when I did not say, you night all-night words might as well play during the day, I'm really afraid that you will die suddenly one day."

  "Overnight is not cheap, besides, even if sudden death is also the two of us together sudden death ..."

  After hearing Yang Sen's words, Chen Yan decided never to go to the Internet cafe all night again, his road to godhood has just begun, do not want to enjoy not long before hiccups, well, from tomorrow onwards to start to maintain health.

  "You can go home by yourself later, I'm going to the mall to buy some things." Chen Yan said to Yang Sen.

  Spending 10,000 yuan the system could be upgraded, and there was enough money in the card, he was going to upgrade the system first to see what changes would be made after the upgrade.

  Yang Sen seemed to have thought of something and spoke, "Brother Yan, let's go together, I happen to want to buy something too."


  After the two of them settled the buns and doughnuts on the table, they called a cab and went straight to McKellar Shopping Center.

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