She Who Can Never Be Happy Book

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She Who Can Never Be Happy


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Note: this is just a hobby project and most of the chapters are like written at 3am so please comment if you see a grammatical/spelling mistake. i’ll try to post an illus with every chapter i post so the time between chapters will be quite long too. if you don’t like waiting for chapters then come back in like two years it may or may not be done. The story also jumps around a lot since it’s just random ideas popping into my head at 3am. I have the general idea of the story but yes i’ll just add random short stories in between chapters and stuff. if the story ever ends i may reorganise the chapters into chronological order. and the stories will also be from a bunch of characters perspectives not just the mc. in fact, there are actually two mcs and their stories are related somehow but honestly i might just make a separate book for mc1 because his story is complicated by itself —————— Most people would agree that Ava was an amazing person. She was a legendary adventurer. Undefeated for who knows how many centuries. She was always smiling and helped everyone. She was friendly and pretty. But other than that, no one knew anything about her. Most people would have heard about her since they were kids. No one knew how old she truly was. Not where she came from, nor what she was. It’s common knowledge that humans can’t live for several centuries like Ava did. But no one knew what she truly was. Even though she had never taken off her hood and no one has seen her ears. People come to the conclusion that she was an elf. A long living race that were known for their beauty and magic abilities. Everyone accepted this as the truth. After all, they didn’t want to think about it. About the other possibility. “She’s so nice to everyone, she could only be an elf!” they deceive themselves with such thoughts. This is a story about a legendary adventurer who was always smiling. But if she was always smiling, doesn’t that mean that she’s never smiling? The red in her eyes will never fade. Thus, she lives for another day.


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