1 One last day

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''Kendra Johnson. Miss Kendra Johnson please!'' The sister called out looking around. Near the window, she saw an old woman asleep. She slowly approached, careful not to scare her and lightly patted her arm. In a quiet voice, she asked again ''Miss Kendra Johnson?''

The old lady woke up and looked slightly confused at the kind smiling face of the sister. She realized that she fell asleep while waiting for her turn for an annual checkup at the doctors.

''Yes, I am Kendra Johnson. I am terribly sorry to be a bother, dear, but could you help me up. I think my feet fell asleep as well.'' She asked while apologetically looking at the friendly young woman in front of her. She was not jealous of her youth and beauty, just regretful of wasting her life and never truly living.

When she was younger she worked a lot to be able to have safety in her older age. Never having enough time for the fun things in life. Often working more than one job and always taking extra shifts if someone asked her. She never did have any family so whenever anyone needed a replacement, they always called her.

She did indeed become wealthy from all the extra work, but with little or no spare time, her social and love life was nonexistent. All her partners would leave her one after another because she never took time for their relationship. Friends drifted out of her life as years went by with little to no contact.

When she had the rare spare time she would read anything about different countries, cultures and people. Her dream had been to take a backpacking tour around the world, exploring all the things she only saw in books. Her memory was almost photographic, so whatever she read she would remember. This helped her succeed through school and college without a glitch. Straight after leaving school she received an entry level position at a prestigious company. With a lot of hard work and many sacrifices, she rose swiftly through the ranks becoming a partner and shareholder in just a few short years. Her career always came first and as the years passed on, the less free time she had. In the end, she became rich but old and all alone.

What do you do with all that money if you can't use it yourself or spend it on the ones you love?

She was diagnosed a few months ago with the late stage breast cancer. She never checked herself as she always thought herself to be quite healthy. Common illnesses rarely seemed to affect her and she never had time for regular checkups. What a mistake. Now in her seventies and feeling more like 100 years old she has run out of time.

In the last few months, she traveled around the country and gave her money, bit by bit, to people that needed it. She didn't want to give it to any organization as she didn't trust any, for good reason. Instead, she just gave it directly to people in need and changed their lives for the better. As her life was almost at an end she left just enough to last her remaining days.

With the help of a nurse, she entered the doctor's office and sat on the given seat. ''Miss Johnson, what have you done? Why did you travel so much? You made your condition advance much faster. Soon the painkillers won't work for you at all.'' he knew exactly what she had been doing for the past several months. The whole world knew because people from all over the country were talking about her charitable deeds and how she changed their lives.

''Young man, as you well know my condition is untreatable. What was the point of retirement and a quiet life when it will end anyway in just a short time? I worked hard all my life for that money, at least I gave people in need some security and the possibility for a new life. Also, I got to see a little bit of the world before kicking the bucket.'' She said with a peaceful smile. ''Do not worry too much for me. I can already feel how my life is coming to an end. I just don't want to die cooped in a hospital bed. At least that much I want to avoid.''

''What can we do to make you more comfortable? Just tell us we will do it,'' he said while looking at her with sorrow in his eyes.

''You do not need to pity me, I had a long life. My last wish is just to die in my own house looking at the sunset over my garden. Please let me.'' She thought about the last gift she would give to the people of this town. After all, she accumulated incredible wealth and didn't have enough time to help nearly as many people as she would have liked. She has no kids, no family members so she gave it to the world. It's not like she can take it with her. The rest of the money she has used to fund a free health care clinic for people in need.

With a new prescription for strong pain relief, she carefully stood up from the seat and left the office. As she slowly left the hospital many doctors and nurses had to wipe a tear or two from their eyes. They all knew about the new clinic and were moved by her generosity. Some would be employed there permanently and many others have volunteered. The clinic will be named after her, although not by Kendra's choice, so that future generations would remember her generosity.

As the driver took her back home she thought about her life. Being orphaned at a young age and growing up in an orphanage had made it difficult for her to form attachments. Friends would be adopted and move away, losing contact, while she was stuck behind. She was a smart kid and driven to do things her own way, she got a scholarship for college and a very successful career in her dream job.

Kendra looked through the window at the picturesque seaside view where she bought her little house. It was a modest little cottage considering her wealth but simple and beautiful, just what she needed and with separate quarters for a live-in nurse.

The nurse waited at home and reprimanded Kendra for leaving by herself without help. She had grown to care and respect this generous kind old woman and worried about her. Kendra chuckled as she stopped her rant and asked her for some tea. Yes, good old tea would often make her happy.

She went outside to the garden and sat on her swinging chair. The day was perfect. It was still spring and the sun was warm and pleasant. The fresh sea breeze blew through the trees and rustled their leaves. In the background, she could hear waves crashing into the sand. She felt tired and with all these beautiful sounds and sensations she relaxed, her body felt light as she fell into a deep sleep.

When the nurse came out with the tea she saw Miss Johnson sleeping with a peaceful smile on her face. As she tried to wake her up she realized that she already left this world. She started crying and called the authorities to notify them.

The funeral of Miss Kendra Johnson was humongous. Many famous people came to pay their respects. All the people she ever helped, the partners of different companies she worked with and many others that felt that she was a good person. She left in peace without any unfinished business or loose ends...

---This is an original book written by JennyS. Please support me by reading it at W. e. b. n. o. v. e. l. s. com. If you read it anywhere else it means its copied without my consent. Thank you in advance :) ---

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