She transmigrated and started different life Book

novel - Historical Romance

She transmigrated and started different life


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After Kendra Johnson lived her life under great difficulties she finally died and thought that was it. But the fate made bet with her. She awakened in the body of a weak child that was close to dying. Should she take a chance and live this life with full breath? Even tho the body was weak, but the mind of the person that already lived a full life. ''I will make my wishes come true.'' ''I will travel the world and explore the continents.'' ''I can understand all the languages? Great with me I don't need a damn translator.'' ''I need money so let's dive to the depths of the ocean and look for 1000 years old pearls.'' There is this man who can't let go. There is the other who thinks he is important. There are many birds and bees. ''But what I want is just travel around and one day find a quiet spot and enjoy my life.'' ---------------------------------------------- This IS original. NOT a translation. I planned to give you chapters that are long but ended up short. Why? Because it is paid by word count and the long chapters became too expensive. .Should I change it? let me know :) Took the picture from a free download from www.pixabay.com For music, I often hear --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjzHeG1KWoonmf9d5KBvSiw

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