19 Purifying Spirit Academy, what a handsome guy!

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Yu Huang was going to take the test tomorrow, and Yu Donghai urged her to go to sleep quickly. "Rest early tonight. You can only perform well tomorrow if you rest well."

"Daddy, sleep early too."

It was impossible for Yu Donghai to sleep early. He had to prepare the alms bowl and chicken ingredients that he needed for tomorrow. The busy pace of life was the norm for Yu Donghai. As Yu Huang listened to the commotion caused by Yu Donghai in the living room, she gradually fell asleep.

The next morning, just as Yu Huang walked out of her room, she was pulled to the dining table by Yu Donghai. He had slept late last night, but this morning, he was full of energy and had a smile on his face.

Yu Donghai passed the three joss sticks to Yu Huang and said, "Come. Before we set off, let's pay our respects to Master Sheng together."

Yu Huang said, "Who?" She was confused.

"Master Sheng! The number one genius of the Sheng Clan, Master Sheng Xiao! Didn't we meet at the restaurant last time?" Yu Donghai lit the incense as he said to her, "You don't know about this, right? Among us commoners, Master Sheng is a legend. Before the children participate in the Awakening Ceremony, they must pay their respects to Master Sheng."

"Come, kowtow three times to Master Sheng." He also reminded Yu Huang, "You must be sincere. Only when you are sincere will it work."

Yu Huang was so shocked that she could not speak. She stared at the little girl that Yu Donghai had created with his glutinous rice balls. She could not associate this white glutinous rice ball with Sheng Xiao.

"Why are you in a daze? Hurry up and pay your respects!" Seeing Yu Huang's dazed expression, Yu Donghai pressed down on her head and respectfully bowed three times to Master Sheng.

The Purifying Spirit Academy was quite far away, so Yu Huang and the others had to gather at the school's entrance before taking the school bus to the academy.

There was no time to make breakfast. Yu Donghai placed the glutinous rice ball into a plastic bag and stuffed it into Yu Huang's arms. He reminded her, "This is a steamed glutinous rice ball. Time is a bit tight, so let's eat this this morning."

Yu Huang, a strange expression on her face, held the tiny glutinous rice ball in her hands. They were eating Master Sheng, who she had just sincerely paid her respects to, in the blink of an eye?

Would Master Sheng blame them if he found out?

Sitting on the tricycle, Yu Huang had a strange look on her face as she took a bite of Master Sheng. Needless to say, the taste was soft and had a bit of sweetness to it. It was quite delicious. Yu Huang took one bite after another and very quickly finished the glutinous rice balls.

After Yu Donghai placed Yu Huang at the gathering point, he drove his tricycle away to do business.

Yong Hui High School had prepared a double-storey electric bus for Yu Huang and the rest. Each class had one car, and each grade had twelve classes. Yong Hui High School had a total of 36 cars.

Yu Huang and Anna Tao sat together. Li Shi got into the car and counted the number of people. After confirming that everyone was there, he walked to the empty seat behind the driver and sat down while waiting for the bus to arrive.

At this moment, Anna Tao, who was beside Yu Huang, sneakily opened her backpack and took out a red rectangular plaque. Yu Huang was curious about her secretive behavior.

Yu Huang glanced at the signboard and saw two lines of golden words printed on it—

Master Sheng's Good Luck Card (Blessing).

Yu Huang :"…"

It seemed like her father wasn't lying.

It was a tradition among the common people to pay respects to Master Sheng before attending the awakening ceremony.

Anna Tao held the signboard with both hands and closed her eyes. She stammered as she prayed sincerely, "M-Master Sheng, please, bless me. I must awaken successfully this time!"

It was simply toxic!


The Awakening Ceremony was going to be held for three days, and the people participating in the test today were all high school students and teenagers who weren't even 20 years old yet. The densely packed crowd squeezed into the plaza outside the Purifying Spirit Academy. It was so packed that it gave people a suffocating feeling.

After alighting from the bus, Yu Huang raised her head and sized up the legendary Purifying Spirit Academy. In front of her was a black wall that was so wide that the edges couldn't be seen, and it towered into the clouds. As Yu Huang stared at the wall, she felt awed.

Jiang Shangfeng told Yu Huang, "The outside of this wall is coated with poison. There are 100,000 voltages hidden inside. Anyone who dares to sneak in will be attacked by poison and electricity. It is the toughest wall in Prosperous Capital."

There were soldiers guarding outside the Purifying Spirit Academy all year round, so it was impossible for anyone to accidentally enter and be injured by accident. Whoever dared to approach had ulterior motives.

Yu Huang nodded. She heard Li Shi shouting from the front, "Class 7, gather here!"

They had group activities today, and the students were all wearing their school uniforms. Yong Hui High School's uniform was grayish-blue sportswear, and the words "Yong Hui High School" were written on the left breastplate. There was nothing special about it.

Shengdu High School's uniform was a navy blue jacket. It was tailored to fit the body and looked much more cute than Yonghui High School's.

The uniform of Munden Private Academy was a navy blue and white pleated skirt. They looked like princes and princesses. They stood out from the students of public schools.

Yong Hui High School's students and the students from the other high schools were standing on the left side of the grounds of the Purifying Spirit Academy. Shengdu High School and Munden Private Academy were standing on the right side of Purifying Spirit Academy. They were separated by two rows of soldiers in the middle. The students on the left and the top students on the right were clearly separated by academic performance.

At 8: 40 PM, the black metal doors of Purifying Spirit Academy rumbled as they opened. The principals of the various academies led their students into the academy in order.

Everyone had respect in their hearts for a sacred place like Purifying Spirit Academy. Being loud was disrespectful to the Purifying Spirit Masters. Apart from the sound of footsteps, there wasn't a single sound.

After walking through the metal door, Yu Huang finally saw the true face of the Purifying Spirit Academy.

The Purifying Spirit Academy was a nine-storey building with three flags on top of it. On the left was the flag of the Purifying Spirit Alliance, in the middle was the flag of the Divine Moon Empire, and on the right was the flag of the Beast Tamer Alliance.

There was a circular stone platform in front of the hall. A translucent crystal ball floated above it. In a while, Purifying Spirit Masters would use it to awaken the beast forms within the children.

In front of the circular platform was a square shaped like a fan. Yu Huang and the others stood there while waiting for the ritual to begin.




The bell in the distant bell tower rang three times, indicating that the Beast Tamer Awakening Ceremony had officially begun!

At this moment, there was a piercing sound in the sky. Everyone looked up and saw a black figure flying across the sky. In the blink of an eye, he stopped on the high platform.

It was a handsome young man. He was wearing a long black suit with a black belt around his waist. There was a strange-looking school badge on his left chest and a black fountain pen in his pocket.

Upon seeing the school badge, the students surrounding Yu Huang gasped. Then, fanatical expressions appeared on their faces as they exclaimed, "It's the overseer sent by the Divine Realm Academy!"

Every year, during the Beast Tamer Awakening Ceremony, the royal family would earnestly request Divine Realm Academy to send a portion of powerful mentors to various places as supervisors. Not only would they prevent people from playing favorites, but they would also prevent evil forces from taking the opportunity to kill young Beast Tamers.

Anna Tao was stunned. She pinched her arm and exclaimed, "What a handsome man!"

Yu Huang stared at the man's face and couldn't help but touch her stomach guiltily.

It was because the supervisor sent by Divine Realm Academy today was her old friend, Sheng Xiao! She had just kowtowed to the supervisory officer in the morning and ate him up.

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