She Picked Up A National Bigshot On A Stormy Night Book

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She Picked Up A National Bigshot On A Stormy Night

Cold Charm

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In her past life, she was the founder of an international secret organization. After being betrayed by her brother, she died with resentment. After being reborn, Ling Han actually became a mentally challenged young lady of a top-class financial corporation. She helped the Ling family expand their business, punish scheming villains, and gradually took control over the business industry. On a stormy night, Ling Han found a shivering man hiding at the corner of her house gates. Pei Jing was quite beautiful so she took him home and kept him by her side. The Ling Group’s rapid growth attracted envy. Ling Han managed to successfully resolve every scheme and crisis that came their way. But slowly, Ling Han felt that something was off… It was as if someone was helping her from the shadows. “Say, who do you think it is?” Pei Jing shook his head innocently but called his subordinates when no one was looking. “You guys, be more discreet. Hanhan almost found out!” Ling Han realized that the man she picked up wasn’t as innocent as he seemed! He knew how to balance power, was well-versed in many languages, and was skillful in bed too! Long into their relationship, she finally caught Pei Jing’s tracks and found out that he was a bigshot! “Ling Han, marry me.” “I haven’t forgiven you for lying to me!” As Pei Jing watched his wife sulk, he silently sighed, ‘Chasing a wife is hard!’


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