Chapter 9 Threats

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Upon hearing this, both Ye Mingyao and Ye Mingcheng looked at Nan Zhifeng through the rearview mirror.

Meng Wanting felt somewhat embarrassed. She had brought Nan Zhifeng to this banquet on Shen Yue'e's instructions. Firstly, to deliberately get close to Nan Zhifeng and establish a good relationship with her, and secondly, to see if Nan Zhifeng would slip up in such a setting.

But now with the media present, it would be troublesome if Nan Zhifeng's identity were exposed.

Ye Zhantian was the person in charge of the Ye Group, and not only were his actions closely tied to the honor and disgrace of the Ye Corporation, but even the people around him received close attention.

Nan Zhifeng's situation was awkward as she was the mother of Ye Zhantian's son yet not his official wife.

Internally this relationship might not be an issue, but if the media were to expose it, it could damage Ye Zhantian's reputation.

"You could say she is your friend," Ye Mingyao suddenly proposed.

"Zhifeng, you don't mind, do you?" Meng Wanting cautiously asked.

"I don't mind," Nan Zhifeng said with a slight smile.

"That's settled, then."

Meng Wanting sent an appreciative glance to her husband.

Soon they arrived at the Ginza Hotel. The entrance was crowded with luxury cars, and guests in fancy attire were entering one after another.

Security lines were set up at the entrance, and media reporters swarmed outside, continuously taking photos and filming the guests.

When the Ye Family's car passed by, it immediately became the center of attention.

The hotel manager stepped forward to open the door, the two brothers got out and opened the rear door for the two ladies to alight.

The media immediately captured this scene, taking pictures frantically.

"Mingyao, Mingcheng, welcome!" Meng Shiqing came out to greet them personally. "Tingting, your mother has been talking about you, hurry inside."

"I know, Daddy," Meng Wanting cooed affectionately to her father. "Did you miss me?"

"Of course, I did," Meng Shiqing said, wrapping his arm around his daughter and making small talk with Ye Mingyao and Ye Mingcheng. "Mingyao, you're actually driving yourself, without even bringing a driver? Why are you so low-key these days?"

"There's no helping it. It was Grandfather's decision," Ye Mingyao said softly.

"Ha ha, the old man's thoughts are certainly correct. We just follow his lead."

Meng Shiqing glanced at Nan Zhifeng and invited everyone inside.

Ye Mingyao paused to wait for Meng Wanting, walking into the hotel with his arm intimately around her waist.

Nan Zhifeng was left by herself, so Ye Mingcheng walked beside her.

Nan Zhifeng slightly lifted the corners of her lips, looking down and remaining silent.

As soon as the Ye brothers entered, they were surrounded by various nobles and rich families eager to talk with them, and Meng Wanting became the object of flattery from numerous ladies.

Meng Wanting took good care of Nan Zhifeng, introducing her as her close friend.

Seeing Nan Zhifeng's extraordinary demeanor, everyone greeted her enthusiastically.

Nan Zhifeng responded with a polite smile. However, she wasn't fond of such settings, and after greeting everyone, she went to sit in a corner to drink.

As soon as Nan Zhifeng walked away, several wealthy ladies asked Meng Wanting about her identity and background.

Meng Wanting made up an excuse to brush them off, and the rich ladies didn't probe further. As soon as Meng Wanting walked away, they started discussing in a low voice—

"What's her story?"

"She probably doesn't have any significant background; otherwise, why wouldn't Wanting say so?"

"She does look pretty, but she doesn't carry herself well. She hardly speaks a word, just smiles like a mute."

"Those of lower status are inherently insecure. We should be accommodating."


"Weird, since she's just a lowly commoner, why would Wanting bring her to the banquet? Wanting is easygoing, but the Meng Family and Ye Family have very strict rules."

"You guys don't know yet, do you? Just now I saw the third young master of the Ye Family coming in with that girl. I bet she's his new girlfriend."

"No way."

Several people turned their heads toward the corner where Nan Zhifeng was, just in time to see Ye Mingcheng carrying a glass of champagne over to her.

"It looks like it's true."

A few wealthy ladies chatted and laughed softly.

"The third young master of the Ye Family has always been a playboy, changing girlfriends like changing clothes, but he used to go for little stars and internet celebrities. When did he change his taste?"

"After having too many feasts, it's normal to switch to a lighter dish."


Meng Wanting overheard their conversation and wanted to go over and explain, but her husband, Ye Mingyao, pulled her away to meet new friends.

"It seems like they've misunderstood us," Ye Mingcheng glanced at the group of high-society women, "Are you afraid?"

"Afraid of what?" Nan Zhifeng didn't even lift her eyelids.

"If this leads to public opinion, Uncle Seven might not be pleased," Ye Mingcheng said quite seriously, "Then you would be scolded."

"Causing public opinion isn't my fault," Nan Zhifeng responded indifferently, "A responsible man should solve problems, not scold the victim."

"Sharp-tongued," Ye Mingcheng looked at her with interest, "Do you talk to Uncle Seven like this?"

"Do you talk to your Uncle Seven like this?" Nan Zhifeng raised an eyebrow.

"Haha..." Ye Mingcheng wasn't angry at all but laughed instead, "Interesting, interesting!"

His laughter drew even more attention from the meddling high-society ladies, and seeing the two of them chatting and laughing only solidified their "relationship" in the eyes of the onlookers.

Nan Zhifeng couldn't be bothered to say more to him and got up to go to the restroom.

Just as she reached the corner of the corridor, a hand reached out from behind and pulled her into a side lounge.

After closing the door, a handsome face suddenly loomed close: "I'm warning you for the last time, leave the Ye Family. I'll give you seventy million and buy you a house abroad to ensure you and your child have a carefree life."

"Are you done?" Nan Zhifeng frowned in annoyance.

"You won't leave even for seventy million? Nan Zhiqiu, you've gotten ambitious," Ye Mingyao said angrily and embarrassed, "Do you really think you can marry Uncle Seven? He's powerful and prestigious, how could he possibly marry someone of your low status? You're just a nanny in the Ye Family, and one day he will acknowledge his child and kick you out of the Ye Family."

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Nan Zhifeng remained unmoved.

"You really have no clue," Ye Mingyao threatened again, "If one day he finds out the child isn't his, you won't even know how you died."

"Is that so?" Nan Zhifeng's lips curled into a cold, sinister smile, "Then we'll die together."


Ye Mingyao's face changed drastically, her implication clear: if the child's identity were exposed, he, the instigator, would be completely revealed as well.

So he should be more afraid than her of the child's identity being exposed.

"Nan Zhiqiu, how could you become like this?" Ye Mingyao was nearly furious, "You used to be so gentle and obedient, how have you become so fierce now?"

"Because I was gentle and obedient, you thought you could deceive my feelings??" Nan Zhifeng glared at him with hatred, "You said you would marry me and told me to wait for you. I happily told you I was pregnant, but then you abandoned me and married someone else.

Not just that, to get rid of a stumbling block like me, you actually had people tie me up and take me to the hospital to induce abortion when I was seven months pregnant. If I hadn't escaped, my child and I probably would have lost our lives long ago..."

"What did you say? Who took you to the hospital to induce abortion?" Ye Mingyao said, shocked.