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She Belongs To The Devil


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I am really excited to present this webnovel to all my readers. "She belongs to the Devil" talks about how Princess Adeline slowly falls in love with the Devil Prince Theodore. If you like royal drama, supernatural romance, and strong female lead, then this is the right book for you. Enjoy!

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This is one of my favorite books! I have a few…very few authors I follow…after all, we only have so many coins and hours in the day. I started reading this one and was hooked from page one! I look forward to each and every update. I now have added Sanimimosa to my small list of favorites! ❤️❤️❤️


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I always wait for the author to update the chapters of this book. The story is so amazing that it always keeps me on my toes. Please update as many chapters as you can.


This story about the princess and devil prince is very interesting. The little princess is very cute and waiting for the upcoming story how it unfolds with the devil prince.


This is really an amazing novel. I like the concept, the characters, the trust between ml and fl, the way they understand each other. The fl and ml is a power couple. it's really well written I really like this .💙💙


I'm glad I gave this book a try when it was in my daily recommended novels, because I turned out to love this story, the world and its characters so much! It is well written and easy to understand. The interactions between the characters is so satisfying, because there is COMMUNICATION going on. Overall the characters are well written with good / interesting personalities. This is not the type of story where problems and misunderstandings are dragged and stretched out till eternity. The FL is intelligent, quite mature for her age, strong, kind and just loveable - those traits immediately win me over. As the story unfolds you get to know more and more about the world and of course the characters and I love every detail and aspect so much. One tiny critique I have is, that new characters which are introduce barely get a description about their appearance. A rough description would do, it would help a lot to imagine the character in your head while reading. Some people might welcome this lack of information though, that way they are completely free to imagine whatever they want the characters to looks like. It improves in the later chapters - where new characters appearance are described a bit more. I've read until chapter 200 now and it's such a delight how good the story gets. I'm positively surprised how much it improves. I'm dreading the time when I've catch up to the latest update. You'll have slice-of-life like moments, romance (things get HOT), action (well written combat & fighting) and cute and funny moments, at times you'll be at the edge of your seat and of course sad moments. What I'm trying to say is this story is far from dull and it has a lot to offer! You should give it a try. PS: there is a age gap and the ML meets the FL when she is a toddler but I think the author still managed to make the development of their relationship work without it being weird or creepy.


I really love how the main characters hit it off straight from the start compared to many other novels where it takes more than a 100 chapters for them to like each other .So this kind of quick romance makes me not want to leave it after reading the start. I also love how the different races fit into the plot. Love from Nepal


Everything about this webnovel is amazing!! The pacing of the story 10/10. Character development 10/10. Dialogues 10/10. The FL reminds me of arora in malificent. Ah i Just love 💕 I feel like I experienced a Whole other life After reading This


I'm in love with this novel and the characters. I really like our female lead but there are more than one male lead to like but y most fav is Theodore


I think the title suggests it all. What can I say.. the devil is a delicate subject and this book may have u wishing for your own devil. Not for anything else.. but a devil to love u in his unique way😗💁♨️. Read this book. I loved it and so might u🙃


i don't write reviews, but this story is good, I love this book, I just started it and I'm hooked. keep updating author, I just can't get enough.


Reveal spoiler


Wow this is definitely the best novel I have read so far. Love the characters and story development It's not boring and I really enjoy have their love story is developing.


I love this story! It kept me on edge and reading - almost nonstop! I love the chemistry between the characters. The story does not drag. I am super happy that it has continued on into the next generation. It will definitely be hard to beat the original story but I am looking forward to it!


This story is a masterpiece which deserve so much more visibility!!! I love everything about it, you know when an author is skilled when you can reach all state of emotions while reading. Give it a try, you definitely won't regret it


actually didn't think i would like this story from the synopsis but i was pleasantly surprised. the story is paced really well and i like the characters a lot actually. i am always trying to find new books to read since i read so fast and this is def going in my collections! good job


can totally understand why this is readers selection and at top keep up the good work❤😋 nice story and characters beautiful people and background ❤❤


This book definitely draws you in! Little Adeline warming the heart of Theodore. She found herself a jealous protector. I haven't gotten very far but I am hooked!


mE ENCANTO los personajes el diseño de la historia.Estoy muy emocionada de presentar esta novela web a todos mis lectores. "Ella pertenece al diablo" habla de cómo la princesa Adeline se enamora lentamente del príncipe diablo Theodore.