840 Racing Hearts

The royalties of Romania, along with all their guests, had gathered in front of the carriages which were lined up for departure.

Joyce, Nylah, and Ariel were huddled together with teary eyes.

"Come visit us soon, okay?" Nylah sniffled and said while holding Joyce's hand, "Uncle Edwin and Aunty Juniper miss you terribly, and so does everyone else back at home."

Joyce smiled and agreed to Nylah's request. "Okay. As soon as Vlad's workload lessens, we will visit Wyverndale."

Ariel dabbed the tips of her fingers on the corners of her eyes to wipe the tears before they fell. She then hugged Joyce tightly and whispered to her, "I'm going to miss you a lot."

"I will miss you all too," Joyce smiled through her tears and gave a loving kiss on Ariel's forehead. She then did the same to Nylah and, although she wasn't willing to part with her dearest cousins, she led them to their carriage.


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