She Belongs To The Devil

Theodore was not satisfied with just looking at her, he wanted to touch her. He slowly raised his hand and approached Princess Adeline. But Adeline subconsciously pulled back and shouted again, “I have already warned you, not to do anything like before. Or else I will…” Instantly, Theodore’s cheerful face turned grim. His golden eyes were now blood red and were staring very deeply at Adeline’s eyes. He was starting to emit a dark aura around him. Before Adeline could react, in the very next moment, Theodore pushed Adeline flat on the bed and was on top of her. He pinned both of her hands down with his hands and whispered near her ear, “Or else you will what? You will shout for your maids again?” Theodore sniffed in the sweet aroma that Adeline was giving off and gave a wicked smile, “Oh! I want you to try. I want you to try calling for your maids again. But don’t be shocked when I seal your juicy lips with my own lips.” Adeline had never in her life expected to see this side of Theodore. Yes, she knew he was the Devil but... [Book 1 Synopsis] Princess Adeline is the youngest child of King Dragomir of Wyverndale. She is detested by her stepmothers because she is born to a concubine – the only woman whom the King loved. And she is envied by her stepbrothers and stepsisters for being adored and loved by the King. Blinded by jealousy, the first Queen orders Princess Adeline to be kidnapped and thrown into the faraway Devil’s Cave as an offering. Her fate was to die that evening. However, her fate got rewritten by the very creature who was supposed to take her to her deathbed. The Devil took pity on the Princess and even went as far as sharing his demonic power with her. Ever since that day, her fate was bound to the Devil Prince of Hell – Prince Theodore. With time, love blooms between the son of God and the daughter of humans. They are madly in love and they want nothing more than to be together forever. However, with the rise of several enemies, from other fallen angels, supernatural creatures, and even God himself, will they get their forever after? [Book 2 Synopsis] **Spoiler alert for Book 1** Adeline and Theodore have a beautiful daughter – Ariel. She is the definition of perfection because God himself created her to be without any flaws. God wants to hand over the whole universe to his granddaughter and retire from his duty as the Supreme Being. However, nobody else wants that future for Ariel. Ariel, on the other hand, is oblivious to her grandfather’s plan for her. She is a free spirit who always has a wide smile on her face. And the only thing she wants to do is go on adventures with her childhood friend – Damien and her cousins. But will she be able to maintain the smile on her face upon being faced by God? Will she be able to maintain her friendship with Damien when he discovers a gut-wrenching truth – that Theodore was the one to kill his father? Follow me on Instagram for more. https://www.instagram.com/sani_mimosa/ This art was commissioned from Shu G Sin. Find him on Insta gram @shu_g_sin

sanimimosa7 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
850 Chs


Theodore took the two of his guests and Adeline back to the Palace early in the morning. He left Adeline in her room and then teleported the puppies in Nigel's quarter. He didn't want Nigel to run back to his quarter almost naked.

Nigel and Rhea thanked Theodore for his hospitality and every other thing that he did for Nigel and Adeline.

Nigel was especially happy to know that his sister had also found someone who was willing to keep her happy and safe. He had time to reflect upon his yesterday's action and he also had time to think about Theodore. And he wondered why he was even angry when Theodore claimed to be Adeline's future husband.

After all, Theodore was the best possible suitor that Adeline would ever get. He was powerful, he had a good heart, and most of all he loved Adeline very dearly. Nigel only hoped that he could love Rhea the same way that Theodore loved his little sister.