842 Goodbyes - II

After getting a nod as an answer from Grace, Ramon went over to Kenneth and extended his hand for a handshake, "Kenneth, thank you for inviting us all on this trip. And I'm sorry for all the times when I was knowingly or unknowingly rude to you."

"I know you were just looking out for your cousin." Kenneth tightened his hold on Ramon's palm and replied with a hint of seriousness, "Don't mind me if I look out for my cousin too. After all, you must know firsthand how it feels when a man eyes your dear cousin."

Ramon laughed nervously but then firmly said, "I should let you know that I am not the type of person who plays with a woman's feelings. Our kind takes matters related to mates with all seriousness. So, I plan on courting her–which I will formally do after discussing it with my parents."

"I will hold you to your words then," Kenneth finally gave a gentle smile and let go of Ramon's hand.


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