841 Goodbyes - I

Damien looked out of the carriage window and heaved a sigh when the castle came into view. Although he got the chance to bond with Kenneth during this travel, he felt as though it was still not enough now that Kenneth's stop was getting closer and closer.

"Is it okay if I drop by your castle unannounced every once in a while?" he asked while his eyes were fixated on the lonely castle, almost as if he was imprinting every corner of the castle in his memory.

Kenneth pulled up the corners of his lips and answered, "It's okay as long as you don't scare the guards. Or my father. Remember what happened the last time you scared my father?"

"Yes, I remember." Damien laughed heartily. Now that he thought back to that time, it seemed funny how a small misunderstanding almost turned into something big. "Thanks, I will come see you every now and then."

Kenneth nodded in agreement. "I would like that."


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