839 A Promise

After some more back and forth with Tobias, Joyce finally calmed down her anger and settled down in her seat. Tobias mostly listened to Joyce's threats without being bitter.

However, she still had the last say, "I hope you will remember what you promised earlier. Keep your winged friends and family away from Ariel. Or else, it won't end nicely for whoever comes after her. Their soul will undoubtedly end up in hell or get torn into oblivion."

"I'm well aware of that and I will make sure everyone else also understands that," Tobias replied politely.

He then looked at everyone's face one by one, and then collectively apologized once more. "I am utterly sorry for the part I played in causing harm to you all that night. If possible, please forgive me. But if I'm asking too much for you all, I will accept my fate."


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