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She's The Alpha


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Defiance Isa Aradale a 16th century imperial crown princess and daughter of the Wolf king Emperor, Alexander Lucian and White Witch, Janessa thought that being on the run and in hiding in the 21st century with her uncle Judd was going to be the hardest thing she ever has to do but it turns out that being a twenty-first century teenager was even more difficult and as cherry on top she falls in love with two Alpha bloods both willing to move heaven and earth for her. Now, she has to choose between the fun loving but somewhat heartless king of white oak highschool, the future Alpha of his pack, Conrad or Conrad's best friend the red haired secret nerd, Jeremy that she can't stop thinking about. What will she do? Will Defiance go back to her century to battle, werewolf, vampires and witches? or will she tough it out and make a choice? The simplest decision might be the hardest choice she has to make. ***** A peek from the book Jeremy pulled away almost immediately. He stared at her like she was a two headed monster and he was just realizing it for the first time or maybe he was watching himself through her iris and he was the two headed monster. He exhaled again and again. This was bad. This was so bad, what kind of a friend kisses his best friend's girlfriend? A dick! He answered for himself. He was getting a hold of his senses again, even took a step back from her but then he heard her voice. "W-what…what was that for?"  She sounded out of breath like she had run a marathon or something. "Why did you do that?" She asked him again. "I don't..I don't know" "Are you toying with me, Jeremy?" "Did that feel like I was toying with you? Staying away from you is the hardest thing I have done in a long time, Diddy" He pulled away to look at her but then he saw the look of horror in her eyes. He followed her gaze and found Conrad standing behind him. "Conrad!" Defiance covered her mouth. "You son of a bitch!" Conrad's punch was parked with so much force that Jeremy staggered and fell to the ground. "Conrad" Defiance tried to touch him. He turned to her sharply, his iris the brightest she had ever seen. It was a warning glare. "Don't you dare! You know what? You both deserve each other!" Conrad turned around and started walking away. Defiance covered her mouth immediately as tears streamed down her face. "Conrad!" She called out to him one more time. Jeremy stood up from the ground and he tried to touch her but she took a step back. "Not right now, Jeremy…please, go home