Shards of the Broken Heart

Lucas lost everything. His abusive father pushed his mother to the brink of death. His younger sister turned into a chip for blackmailing and lost her life. Left alone in the world without his loved ones, he decided to end his life to meet them in the afterlife. Instead of dying, Lucas was born as a baby without his past memories in a world of cultivation. He had a loving family of mother and older sister. Even without his memories, as Lucas grew up, he knew in his heart that he had to protect his family from all the evils and strived to become stronger. With his growth, Lucas occasionally started to see many heart-rending visions, which affected him greatly and affected the way he looked at others, including his family. The revelations shocked him. He couldn't trust anyone, even his once close family and friends. What were those visions? How will Lucas cope with the unsettling revelations and his chaotic feelings? Will he become estranged or strengthen his bonds with his family and friends and gain the love and warmth that he once longed for. Read from the perspective of Lucas and join him on his journey of growth, acceptance and love. *** The prologue of the novel (the first 2 chapters) is tragic and hard to digest but HOLD ON! Do read at least the first 10 chapters before deciding to drop off. Note: No Gender-Bender, Yuri, NTR and Rape. *** [A/N: The cover is mine, it's original. Cheers to AI!] Join the server for character art: https://discord.gg/FSYAghWsje

Grispera · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
242 Chs

Kiss of Deception

Inside the waterfront pavilion, except for the three of us, there were another six women present. Everyone present wanted to have a go at joining the Celestial Yin Sect.

Even I, a man in a woman's disguise, was pretty determined to pass through this screening examination, even though it would still be like a walk in the park for me because of the 'Bane of Yin' technique.

Using it appropriately, I could influence the examiners to give me the easy way out, so I should have been very relaxed.

But reality had always been toying with me, sending unpredictable variables along my way.

And so, it did again as one of the other six applicants was none other than my mother, Sylvia, in disguise.

Her disguise was perfect; when compared to her original self, the disguise was shorter, thinner, moderately endowed, and had a different appearance.