Shameless Ghost King Is My Husband!

“Ah! My… My husband…” "You, my dear wife, is the sweet I craved the most." “You know how to talk,” Ying Yue flushed and felt the bite to his lips. “Ah Yue,” a breathless deep chuckle made his body shivered, “The times I spent with you, touch you, and taste you will never satisfy me.” *** Ying Yue was Heaven’s Chosen, a person gifted to bring peace, balance, and rid the world of evil. He was full of pureness and hope! Only problem? He fell deeply for the shameless Ghost King, Wang Li. Wang Li, a person gifted to bring chaos and death, had waited centuries for Ying Yue. Now that he had Heaven’s Chosen, he would never let Ying Yue go. A beauty like Ying Yue was meant only for him. With their marriage, the truth of their love brought a curse and a prophecy for the Ghost King’s death. The worst part? Ying Yue was the one fated to kill his husband. What should he do to keep this love with Wang Li? What had to be sacrificed to preserve it? Was he willing to? That aside, He had also married a horny shameless king! And he… He dared to declare that he regretted nothing. “I want to take your innocence, your body, your heart, your lips. Everything, my beloved wife. I am not whole without you.” Yep, he regretted nothing. == *WPC 159- Gold Tier Winner* *SMUT starts chapter 16 and throughout future chapters.* Other TAGS: Fate, Death, Childhood Love

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Alt. Epilogue: 1 of 10- Then You Are Beautiful

*This is if the Jade Emperor and those in Heaven granted Ah Yue's wish to send Ah Li's soul to another world. In turn, they also sent Ying Yue away as well. This is the story of a new life with new memories. Enjoy~*

A platinum blonde sat in the library, his favorite place to be. He enjoyed learning through the novels and educating people who asked. He would read to the children who eagerly awaited to listen. He enjoyed volunteering in the quietness of his local library.

"Ying Yue, could you help me put these books away?"

The librarian asked and he nodded. Smiling, he took the cart and placed it all back in its place. His watch beeped and he glanced at it to see it was time for school. Saying his goodbyes, he got on his bike and pedaled down the well paved roads and quiet neighborhood. Today was when students from another province came to the school, while a few of his classmates went to the other. A student exchange program.