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Read ‘shamas zaman’ Online for Free, written by the author Shams_Arain_4993, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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* While pinning my hands to the wall, behind my head, he leans close into me. Hoping for a kiss, I close my eyes subconsciously... "Oh. Sorry you can't get what you want." He breathes into my ears and step back, with a sly smirk on his face. "You keep me locked up here while getting warm in the sheets with another woman." I shout back at him. "She's what I want, not you." "Then let me go." I mutter, hoping my low voice will change his stone cold heart. "No. You will live here with me for as long as I want, be my puppet, and when the time comes, I'll do what I want with you." He orders in his thick voice and slams the door behind him as he leaves. I watch silently, all my anger deflated and fall flat on the bed with my face up. * Crystal Lucario Davenport is the only human in a werewolf town. Her parents were on the run from loan sharks and ended up settling down at a weird close knit community in which they had absolutely no idea was a Werewolf town. Rogues infiltrate the town on a particular night and her parents died in the process leaving her to thrive alone in the town. She grew up hating werewolves with all her might, most especially the Alpha whom she specifically blames for the fate of her parents that night. Alpha Damien Colden is a cold, terribly cold Alpha but a wolf that every female wolf can die for and one that every woman wishes to be with for just a night. He thinks he has lived long enough not to worry about a mate because he has every woman he wants at his beck and call. But when his adviser starts to nag him about finding his mate, he gets irritated at the word Mate. And the Pack Council brings up the issue once again, he hesitantly gives in to half heartedly looking for her. He didn't even try for a long time before Crystal comes into his life. With a very cold tub of Ice Cream and a really venomous mouth...

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The smell of rain and freshly turned soil permeated the air all around the few people that had gathered at the small cemetery. It was the peak of hurricane season so it had been raining for the better part of the month, and today was no different. It had rained for a little over an hour before the damn priest decided to show up looking at least slightly sober. Honestly looking around it was a truly pitiful sight, between the heavy rain and the cold rather than being in mourning everyone just looked ready to leave.  How could it be that someone who had done so much for so many would have so few people at their funeral? I expected more people to show up, a lot more. Maybe that was just the fate of those working in the shadows. You don't get a hero's sending when you die or even a touching vigil. No, all you get is a drunk priest, a hand full of mourners, and two chubby guys with shovels ready to stick you in the ground.  It's very surreal attending a funeral like this, even more so when it's your own.  I am Zephirin Calum Woods,  and this is how my life should have been... Author's Note: First of all I would personally like to thank everyone reading this for choosing to read my latest ongoing novel "Try Again" I truly value all of you so much for taking the time to check out my work(s), and I hope you all have an amazing time reading this novel as I have had writing it.  One thing before we begin. This is an ongoing novel and as such it hasn't been fully edited and is subject to minor changes. I do have the overall plan of the story mapped out but I must stress that the story is ongoing and still requires quite a bit of editing. Disclaimer: The ongoing story is not set in a fantasy world it's set on Earth specifically it is set in modern-day New Orleans, Louisiana. So, while there is mention of several existing structures, streets, businesses, and people. I do not own any of these nor claim to know the owners. While you can follow the overall path of the story in real life I'd like to remind you that there are several places that are fictional and to the best of my knowledge do not actually exist.

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