Shadow Slave

Growing up in poverty, Sunny never expected anything good from life. However, even he did not anticipate being chosen by the Nightmare Spell and becoming one of the Awakened - an elite group of people gifted with supernatural powers. Transported into a ruined magical world, he found himself facing against terrible monsters - and other Awakened - in a deadly battle of survival. What's worse, the divine power he received happened to possess a small, but potentially fatal side effect... Discord: https://discord.gg/NpDgaxRA6Y

Guiltythree · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1762 Chs

War Games

The Seven Saints were battling the Titans. The echoes of their dreadful clash spread like shockwaves through the horde of Nightmare Creatures. Somewhere far away, a vestige of the horde suddenly surged and swirled, lunging at something unseen. A moment later, a bloody haze veiled that entire section of the battlefield from view, and the wind carried over howls of agony… which all fell silent soon.

Silent Stalker was prowling there, slaughtering the abominations and never failing to send her arrows to support Dire Fang and Summer Knight. The latter had yet to assume his Transcendent form, as well. Beastmaster and Whispering Blade were each holding back a titan of their own, and Sky Tide had just succeeded in delivering a debilitating wound to the great scaled beast, dispersing the cloud of deathly miasma created by the flying horror at the same time.

All in all, things weren't looking bad.