57 Use of Weapons

In the evening, Sunny continued to practice with the sword under Neph's watchful eye. With his new insight, every movement felt different from before. After the thousand strikes were finished, he sat down to rest and studied the Azure Blade, tempted to continue obsessing over the abundant mysteries of the Forgotten Shore.

After a while, Sunny asked:

"Do you think I'm well-suited to use a sword? Should I consider switching weapons in the future?"

Nephis shrugged.

"That depends on your goals. However, the sword is considered to be the king of weapons for a reason."

Sunny smiled.

"And why is that?"

She tilted her head and deliberated for a few seconds. Then, she asked:

"Do you know how natural selection works?"

He raised an eyebrow.

"Survival of the fittest? The strongest species survives?"

Changing Star glanced at him.


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