Shadow Slave

Growing up in poverty, Sunny never expected anything good from life. However, even he did not anticipate being chosen by the Nightmare Spell and becoming one of the Awakened - an elite group of people gifted with supernatural powers. Transported into a ruined magical world, he found himself facing against terrible monsters - and other Awakened - in a deadly battle of survival. What's worse, the divine power he received happened to possess a small, but potentially fatal side effect... Discord: https://discord.gg/NpDgaxRA6Y

Guiltythree · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1703 Chs

Oh, No

Sunny crawled out of the simulation pod and lay on the cold floor for a while, breathing heavily.

'How come an illusory arena is so exhausting?'

The designers of the Dreamscape were really weird. The people who frequented the Colosseum were even weirder, though. Sunny couldn't even begin to understand the quirks of their behavior.

'That's how subcultures are, I guess?'

After a while, he stood up and went upstairs to make himself some food and replenish all the energy he had spent during this intense and taxing hour.

Sunny made himself a light dinner, devoured it with wolfish hunger, and then relaxed in a chair while drinking a cup of delicious tea.

As he rested, his communicator buzzed.

He took a sip of tea, then opened the message Effie had sent him.

"Hey doofus! Have you seen this? I think I found a new boyfriend for your girlfriend!"

The message ended with a winking emote and an attached video link.

Perplexed, Sunny clicked on the link… and spit out all of his tea.