Shadow Slave: New God

Dying a fools death, Atlas was offered a second chance in the form of his favorite story. Unfortunately, Shadow Slave has been shown to be a hellish nightmare. With many more outcomes worst than death, but at least he will live a couple more days... right? ------------------------------ I do not own Shadow Slave or any of its characters. Go check out the original work if you haven't before, its amazing.

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4: The Child

With tears running down her small face, she shook the corpse and sobbed loudly. Ignoring the obvious questions like, 'Who is that kid and why is she here?, I glimpsed at the war that was still raging, albeit with noticeably fewer combatants.


Only the bipedal dog-headed skeletons were left alive, their numbers largely wiped out by the insect tide. Around seven were left alive with numerous harrowing wounds covering their bodies, with the worst being on the commanding nightmare creature.


His frame, full of cracks and chipped bone, toppling over its groan reverberated through the empty battlefield. Spreading out, the dog-headed creatures established a perimeter around the leader while he lay there recovering. An idea blossomed in my head to glide over and kill him while he lay there, but I quickly pushed it away.


'You just got out of a bad situation; why are you wanting to go back in?' I reprimanded myself; most people don't even survive their first trial, let alone think about doing more. But I knew the dangers that this world posed to those unprepared; even the waking world was dangerous with the campaign to Antarctica and its hinted spread to the other continents.


Looking down at the little girl, I contemplated my course of action. She could totally be a Nightmare creature in disguise, but I didn't think so. The emotions of humans couldn't be replicated by normal Nightmare creatures, and creatures that could mimic our emotions had no need to trick me at my current level; they could just kill me.


Summoning the [Blood Glider] I was disgusted at its design. A large, leathery, v-shaped kite formed in my hand. It was covered in coagulated blood and gave off a rancid smell.


Jumping off the pile, I glided down to the child, careful to watch for any creatures on my way.

'Especially creatures similar to the Soul Eater...'


Shivering at that last thought, I touched down with zero grace; it was my first time, after all. It was then that I noticed the band around the young child's head. Feeling deja vu, I pondered the feeling briefly.


Softly walking up to the girl, I reached down to touch her shoulder, making contact. She turned her adorned head in fright, and...










No, there was light as well; it just took a minute to reach me. Vast strings of light spanned great distances, shimmering a soft silver color.


And then the Spell whispered:

 [Wake up, Atlas! Your nightmare is over.]

[Prepare for appraisal…]


Atlas found himself in a space between dream and reality. It was an endless black void illuminated by a myriad of stars. Between those stars, countless strings of silver light were woven into a beautiful and inconceivably complex net, forming various nexuses and constellations. It was truly breathtaking.


Or it would have been.


'Did I die? But why is it appraising me and telling me to wake up?'


[You have received a Memory: Elara's Starlit Circlet]


'What, who is Elara? What's happening?'


An intense fear permeated Atlas to his core, how had he passed the Nightmare Trial? What exactly happened just by touching the girl's shoulder?


 [Aspirant! Your trial is over.]

[An unremarkable warrior braved terrible danger to reach safety. Sacrificing his own safety, he took on the task of protecting the innocent. With determination, he snuck across desolate lands, scavenged food, and endured pain and anguish all for the sake of whats right.]

[You have defeated a dormant beast: Blood-talon Mantis.]

[You have defeated three dormant beasts: Skullhounds.]

[You have defeated a dormant human, name unknown.]

[You have defeated an awakened human: Elara of the Eternal Moon.]

[You have defeated an awakened monster: Soul Eater.]

[You have achieved the impossible!]

[Final appraisal: Glorious. Your will is unbreakable.]


At this point, Atlas knew something terrible had happened.


'Where are my memories of all this extra stuff? A Glorious appraisal—does that mean a Divine rank aspect?'


[Dreamer Atlas, receive your boon!]

He was an Aspirant no more.

[You have been bestowed a True Name: Pillar of Heaven.]


Practically picking his jaw up from the floor, Atlas reeled in disbelief. Sure, he had gotten a Glorious appraisal, but still. Wasn't this too much? He didn't have an attribute as dirty as Fated, did he? Could he just not see it?


These questions would remain unanswered for a great deal of time.


[Your Aspect is ready to evolve. Evolve Aspect?]


Atlas numbly sighed, defeated.


[Dormant Aspect Warrior is evolving…]

[New Aspect acquired.]

[Aspect Rank: Divine.]

[Aspect Name: Titan.]


'It really is Divine... a wise man once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." I really hope that's not the case.'


Summoning my runes, I made peace with my tumultuous feelings; what had happened, I may never learn. Regardless, I was a Divine aspect holder now, and I had to make the most of my gifts.


Aspect: [Titan].

Aspect Rank: Divine.

Aspect Description: [Of a strong body and constitution. Capable enough to withstand the weight of the world, two worlds in fact.]

Innate Ability: [Heavens].

Ability Description: [The weight of the Heavens rests on your shoulders. The restriction can be temporarily lifted, unleashing your true strength at a fatal cost.]


[The First Seal is broken.]

[Awakening dormant powers…]


The spell's lustrous weave grew more and more faint until it eventually disappeared entirely. His vision was replaced with a boundless lake reflecting the heavens, making it impossible to tell which way was up or down if not for the fact he was up to his ankles in water. Each minute movement created ripples across the otherwise calm liquid.


A large ball hung in the sky, neither making him uncomfortable nor scared. Rather, it was the opposite. He felt calm and comfortable standing in this empty place, with nothing to kill him and no worries to observe.


He also felt a euphoria spread throughout his body that was indescribable. Like his very body was being recast of superior materials. His heart beat with a strange energy; each time it beat, it sent with it a bundle of energy.


Eventually, he heard the spell whisper a new announcement:


[Awakening Aspect Ability…]

[Aspect Ability Acquired.]

[Aspect Ability Name: Surge.]


Before he could celebrate too much, another message rang like a blade over his neck.


 [All power has a price.]

[You have received a Flaw.]

[Your Flaw is: Heavens Decree]

Flaw Description: [The heavens forbid your use of weapon and armor memories, sealing them within your soul.]


'Fuck, this was not fun anymore. How could I not use armor and weapons? What am I supposed to do? Smack them with my hands?!'


[Wake up, Pillar of Heaven!]


Being ejected from my soul sea, I could only lament the fact that life would only get harder.



Okay, another info dump. Also, what happened to Atlas? It must have been an amazing journey that wont have any ramifications in the future of the story.

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