32 Incredible Ranking

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Cloud City Steel Fortress, at the heart of the fluxer coalition guild, far from Great Lamu River Zone where each city’s contestant had entered to gain experience. Half a day has already passed, each city’s conscientious representatives were still keeping a close watch on the screen which showed the rank of each city in the training rank competition.

"This year’s Darkseid City is going wild, only half day has passed, but the Darkseid City has already killed enough to enter the top four, heavens, does your Darkseid City aspire to enter the top three?"

"How can the contestants of Snow City be so formidable this year? From last year’s 49th rank, they have already entered top 30?"

"No need to make a fuss about it, according to some insider information, an exceptional heavenly talent, Xie Qianxue, has come from Snow City this year, her entering the top 30 is very normal, I had already expected this."

"Eh, so this was the case, Xie Qianxue originally came from Snow City, that’s why!"

"All of you quickly come and see, what’s the matter with this year’s Lucky Wind City? In the past, they have been ranked at 130th position, but this year, they have surprisingly settled at 70th?

"No way, don’t joke around, do you even know the disparity between 70th and 130th position?"

"Impossible, a small frontier city which has always been ranked at the lowest rung in the past, how could they suddenly storm into the top 70, stop joking, ok."

"Yes yes, suddenly stepping from bottom half to top half? I can’t take the joke anymore."

"Crap, am I deceiving you, take a look yourself."

"Ehh, it really is in the top 70, it should be a mistake by the guild in collecting the data!"

"I know a little bit about this Lucky Wind City, this year, their top contestant is Luo Jin, whose cultivation has already reached half step into Silver Crystal Flux Disciple."

"Pah, don’t make fun of me, although cultivation of half-step Silver Crystal Flux Disciple is good, looking at the cities in the ranks of top 70, tell me which one of them doesn’t have at least two to three Silver Crystal Flux Disciples?

"Clearly it is a mistake in the data collected, we should report it."

After some more time had passed, many infuriated representatives successively reported, but it was all in vain. Finally, the representative of guild refuted them by replying that there was no mistake in the data collected.

Many city representatives raised a commotion until the guild publicly announced that the details of the monsters killed by Lucky Wind City would be analyzed in detail.

The data wasn’t wrong!

Originally, this year, the Lucky Wind City Battle Squad led by Luo Jin had killed dimensional beast extremely fiercely. Just with this main battle squad’s strength, they had the strength to reach the top 90 and beyond.

However, this wasn’t the reason for everyone’s astonishment. The one leading Lucky Wind City’s successive rise towards 60th position was another battle squad with a not so great name "Big Bear Battle Squad". One after another, everyone asked about the members of big bear battle squad and found out that its members include three rich kids and one recently awakened newcomer. Seeing this information, they found this even more unfathomable.

"That Ling Shuang’s strength is pretty good, however even if she is the disciple of a great lord, how long has it been since she had entered his tutelage? With her Black Crystal Flux Disciple’s battle strength, even if she has learned formidable battle skills, at best, her battle strength could only compare with Silver Crystal Flux Disciple’s cultivation. Then why is the efficiency of big bear battle squad in killing monsters so extraordinary?"

"I heard that the people of this battle squad have silver base equipment..."

"What a joke, apart from that Ling Shuang, other members are all idiots, even if they have silver base equipment, how is this possible?"

Every city’s representative had formed a tacit understanding regarding the use of equipment by contestants long ago. Within the fluxer coalition guild, there was an unwritten rule that for complete rookies, the guild would allow them to use equipment, why?

Because the rookie contestant hasn't opened any flux points, neither have they cultivated flux cultivation battle skills, furthermore, they also don’t have any special flux energy. That’s why they were regarded as complete rookies.

Frankly speaking, apart from awakening flux energy, these rookies don’t have any strength and cultivation as Flux Disciple.

In this situation, the guild cannot simply ask these complete newbies to enter the dimension’s wilderness and throw their lives away, thus, it was tacitly consented that these complete rookie contestants could use battle armour equipment, otherwise, even if the idiot trio of big Xiong had enormous guts, they still wouldn’t dare to secretly cheat.

Even though the silver base equipment’s battle strength amplification was pretty good, even then, it was still impossible to gain this kind of efficiency in killing monsters when these equipment were used by complete noobs.

Every major city was endlessly crediting the silver base equipment, thinking that they were the reason why big bear battle squad was killing monsters so fast. But what about the fact that they have almost overtaken Luo Jin’s battle squad? No one could imagine the answer to this.

"Good, where has this anomaly come from. Reportedly, the fluxer coalition guild has already sent their dimensional space eye to investigate, we will know the results soon."


At this moment, Li Yunmu and the others naturally didn’t know about anything that was currently happening in the Lucky Wind City, even the fact that their big bear battle group that was originally considered as garbage had already caught the attention of the fluxer guild.

After all, it was the first time for everyone in the battle squad to go out to train, the first time they had moved to kill monsters. The main culprit of all this, Li Yunmu, had no knowledge that because of him mistaking the dwarf witch’s strength and working hard to kill monsters, it had attracted the attention of so many outsiders. If he had known this earlier, he would most probably have honestly acted as the meat shield.

"Ha ha ha…...this is going really good, friend, what kind of battle skill have you learned, it’s too awesome. According to my estimation, this is at least a B Grade blade skill."

"Cough cough, it should be B Grade blade skill…..but I don’t really know for sure. I never expected that the blade skill which I have been practiced from young age would become so impressive."

Li Yunmu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He was happy because the contribution points were steadily flowing in, but sad because he had been careless previously and had revealed his blade skill. Now, he just wanted to hide his strength to the point of dying.

In fact, presently, he didn’t dare to use even the Admiralty Cover and Copper Body Secret’s defense, he was only using Violent Blade and sometimes the Flash Step Evasive Skill, chopping monsters at the frontline.

However, the strength of single dwarf witch was too weak, as long as they did not encounter any dwarf witch patrol squads, with squad members numbering in double digits, most likely, Li Yunmu alone could completely subjugate them using Violent Blade and Flash Step.

With this awesome frontline, using the low IQ of dwarf witches, this time, the idiot trio of big Xiong were excited. With the silver base equipment, their offensive strength had increased greatly. Just staying behind and harvesting the monsters one after another made them delighted.

Four-eyed brother thin fiercely threw his spinning beheader cross, which cut a path inside a dwarf witch and then instantly came drilling out through its body. It then consecutively shot through bodies, xiu xiu xiu xiu, after drilling a path through a pile of dwarf witches, it then completed its orbit, returning back to him.

Next instant, the spinning beheader cross was charged with flux energy again and flew out once more with its incisive edge. At this moment, there was no other weapon which would suit four-eyed brother thin as a tracker and bring out greater destructive power.

Whereas big Xiong controlled his silver base equipment, lifting a flux energy infused machine gun and opened fire at the location where the most dwarf witches were concentrated. When one thumb-sized flux power infused bullet after another fell on the bodies of dwarf witches, the latter’s body exploded, splashing around blood.

Honestly speaking, when it came to cheating, nothing could compare with this fatty who was not only controlling the highest grade terminator suit, but had also has chosen a flux energy infused machine gun, which made this matter even more ridiculous.

Thus, within a short time, the big bear battle squad had infiltrated the Mountain Ridges and had sneakily killed many small tribes of dwarf witches.

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