34 Distributing The Loot

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Although it was unbelievable, everyone also understood in their heart that the battle squad’s battle contribution point calculation was done by an extremely matured calculation system. Since it hasn’t changed after refreshing several times, then Li Yunmu’s battle squad contribution percentage was most probably correct.

"Ssss…...just based on this battle contribution data, little Mu, you could have entered an even better battle squad."

Four-eyed brother thin sincerely said.

"That’s not necessary, since our personalities is compatible, I also don’t find it necessary to go to some other battle squad."

Li Yunmu laughed, with his careless and lazy nature as well as his nature of being independent, he didn’t even think about entering some other high-profile battle squad. Not to mention the fact that he still has the secret of the hack machine to protect.

The big bear battle squad was just perfect for him, carefree and no pressure!

The second place in battle contribution percentage was expectedly obtained by Ling Shuang, contribution at rear guard 10 points, damage dealt contribution 18 points, assistance contribution score 7 points, in total holding 35 battle contribution points of the squad.

It could be said that just Li Yunmu and Ling Shuang's battle contribution points added together surpassed more than 70 points. The leftover 22 points out of 100 were for the idiot trio, an extremely meagre amount.

"How can this happen?"

The idiot trio was completely dumbfounded, the three of them added together, only had twenty-something battle contribution points.

"Because team battle stresses upon evaluating the class mastery of everyone and coordination within the group, you three have only gained points in dealing damage, so it certainly wouldn’t be very high."

Ling Shuang disdainfully explained.

As Ling Shuang had explained, originally, this team contribution had a maximmum amount of total 100 points. There were 50 points for the proficiency in their dominant class displayed by everyone and the rest of the 50 points were for damage dealt.

Li Yunmu and Ling Shuang had displayed better results regarding their proficiency in their dominant class, so the two of them had received additional points. The idiot trio had basically stopped at the back and brainlessly dealt damage, so their class mastery couldn’t be ranked, thus, they haven’t received any points for the mastery of their class.

Not only this, they also didn’t perform as expected of their class and required Li Yunmu and Ling Shuang to fill in the gap, therefore, Li Yunmu and Ling Shuang also received the points reserved for the class mastery of the idiot trio, thus gaining many assistance contribution points.

"Cough, so that’s how it is."

"Then wouldn’t it mean that we three would only receive twenty-something percentage of our earnings and you two will receive eighty percent?"

The distribution in the big bear battle squad was not a uniform distribution system, rather, they had chosen the more suitable battle contribution distribution system. In other words, during the battles on this day, since Li Yunmu has 43 battle contribution points out of 100, then he would obtain more than 40% of the squad’s earnings.

"Ha ha, how about using equal distribution for the earnings then."

Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes and asked to test the waters.

"That won’t do, the core policy guiding the development of a battle squads is that battle squads must be fair for all members. Since you and Ling Shuang have done the most work, then you must demand that the distribution be done according to contribution in battles, I, big Xiong, will definitely not eat my words on this matter."

When Li Yunmu suggested using the equal distribution, that instant, a shine passed through the eyes of the idiot trio, however, big Xiong still hadn’t become a complete idiot. Although his heart began to thump incomparably fast, he still continued with the original distribution system according to battle contribution score.

"Yes, we didn’t do well so have received what we should, we completely accept!"

Brother thin nodded his head.

"Rest assured little Mu, our big bear battle squad isn’t such a sinister squad."

Crooked teeth Qiang said and promptly laughed while patting Li Yunmu’s shoulders.

Such a powerful expert wasn’t easily discovered, so how could they lose the chance to cling to him? If they really make this powerful person angry because of some short-term gains, then they would really be retards.

Who was the idiot trio? Although at first glance, these three seemed to be complete idiots, all of them were from prosperous family at the end, so how could they be so short-sighted.

"I don’t need my earnings, all the points will go to brother thin."

Ling Shuang didn’t say much, but because of her one sentence, brother thin became a large earner instantly.

"Fuck, having an elder sister is so good, why don’t I have such an awesome elder sister."

Crooked teeth Qiang lamented.

No one had any intention of opposing the method of distributing the squad’s earning. Soon, the total contribution points gain by killing monsters today were distributed according to the battle contribution.

756 dwarf witches and some other ordinary crystal dimensional beasts, exactly completing the mission of killing 100 ordinary dimensional beasts eight times. Acting as the squad leader, big Xiong immediately uploaded the mission data. Within a short amount of time, the fluxer guild transferred eight contribution points.

Relying on the battle contribution score of 43 out of 100, Yunmu should receive 3.44 contribution points, but contribution points were divided into whole numbers, thus, distributing them was another headache.

"Do you want contribution points or dimensional coins?"

Big Xiong expectantly asked.

"Dimensional coins, of course. In any case, I am a poor man and just want to make a little monetary profit, so exchanging things like contribution points with you is just fine."

Li Yunmu chose the former. Such little contribution points didn’t catch his eyes and big Xiong owning him a favour for a little cost would be a better option, so in the end, he didn’t suffer any loss from this transaction.

With the price of 10,000 dimensional coins for 1 contribution points, within a short amount of time, Li Yunmu’s private account received 34,400 Fourth-Dimensional coins transferred by big Xiong.

Seeing the dimensional coins in his account reaching five digits, even if he had prepared his heart long ago, at this instant, Li Yunmu couldn’t help but get distracted.

Holy Sh*t!

Thirty-something thousand dimensional coins! In his whole life, he had never seen so much money. His father, who staked his life at the front line, would only receive a salary of 600-700. But now, this was his earning after killing monsters for one day? More than thirty thousand dimensional coins?

One day, he only required one day to earn it!

At this instant, Li Yunmu fully understood the meaning of the saying:

"The richest existence in the world is neither some financial group nor some large clan, rather, it is a fluxer. The more powerful the fluxer is, the wealthier he is!"

Previously, Li Yunmu, who hadn’t experienced this personally, considered it as a joke, but now, this saying was deeply etched in his mind.

34,400 dimensional coins were sufficient to buy a huge apartment with an area of 70 sq.m. After a person becomes a fluxer, the changes in his life and fate were enormous, it could be clearly seen that Flux Test Day being known as Dragon’s Leap among people wasn’t an exaggeration.

After the distribution of contribution points was complete, next was the even more important distribution of flux energy crystals they earned. This time, even Li Yunmu couldn’t maintain his calm.

What were flux energy crystals?

Flux energy crystals had another name to ordinary people, dimensional crystals.

For ordinary people, dimensional crystals could open the path to heaven as dimensional crystals could raise the chances of awakening of an ordinary person, who don’t have any chance of flux power awakening.

If one was not enough, then use two, if two were not enough then use ten, as long as you have money, as long as you have sufficient wealth, even if your innate talent was garbage, you could always throw a large amount of wealth to awaken completely and become a fluxer.

That was the understanding of ordinary people about dimensional crystals, but among fluxers, dimensional crystals were divided into two types, both of which receive different treatment. The first type was the active dimensional crystal, the second type was the inactive dimensional crystal. The difference of value and use between the two was greater than the difference between heaven and earth.

Active dimensional crystals were used for opening the flux points within the body of fluxer, it was the only object that could promote cultivation and strength. As for the latter, inactive dimensional crystals, they were of use only to ordinary people.

"We have killed close to 800 monsters, obtaining thirteen ordinary grade dimensional crystals in total, they are all here."

When big Xiong took out all of the dimensional crystals harvested today, instantly, Li Yunmu sensed all the squad members began to breathe heavily.

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