Lucca died, but Ares had other plans for him and revived him. Ares offered him five options to start his new life, and Lucca chose a world filled with magic. That's when Lucca was reborn into a noble family. However, unlike his siblings, he had no interest in participating in a succession war and chose to sell his inheritance rights. s we follow Lucca, we see how he uses the knowledge acquired in his previous life to achieve success in this new world and create his own secret organization.

mizuno_ · Fantasy
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74 Chs

Second chance

"Ah, my head."

"Hello, human."

"Hello? Who are you?"

"I am a god, and I have excellent news to share with you."

"Oh, what's the news? That you have a second chance at life!"

"So, am I going back to Earth or to another planet?"

"Ehh? You accepted the fact that you died quite quickly!"

"I simply accepted it. I saw a god, so I automatically understood that I lost my life. But in this second chance, I promise not to die so soon!"

"Ahahahah! Funny guy! Going back to your question, you can choose."

"Nice! Let's go to another world!"

"So! You need to choose between 2 worlds and 3 universes."

Five pop-ups appeared in front of the MC, revealing the five worlds with the following descriptions:

Universe 1 - "A world with highly advanced technology, space wars, multiple colonies to be conquered, discoveries to be made, defenses to be developed, various races to be encountered, and various minerals and technologies to be invented."

'Basically a 'Star Wars,' but not quite my type! Next!' 

World 1 - Animal World "As the name suggests, the dominant races are animals, and the human race is in the early stages of its evolution."

'No way! Having to evolve technologies to the point where my world was is madness!' 

World 2 - Warhol "A world with magic, various races, dungeons, and mystical creatures. Constant wars, a good world to become the king of your race or perhaps even of multiple races if you can."

'Basically a medieval world with magic, the typical standard for someone getting a second chance in novels. Huge planet!' 

Universe 2 "You will start in a lower world, then rise to a medium world, and eventually, you will need to elevate your cultivation. Enhance your cultivation and become an immortal being."

'I had to have the cultivation universe! Classic, but not for me!' 

Universe 3 "You will go to planet Earth, where mana will spread, and the Earth will enter an apocalyptic phase. Survive the apocalypse and perhaps become its emperor. Increase your tier to be able to go to other planets and dominate them." '

  Does it have a 'scubis' to accompany me on this journey? Haha! Jokes aside, forming my clan, dominating Earth, and then killing the gods of my world, interesting!' 

"So, what is your choice?"


Before the god could do or say anything, he asked, "Just one question! Will I have any wishes? In the novels I read, this type of situation always involves wishes!" He asked with fear of being rejected.

"Hahaha, you don't need to be afraid! Yes, you have the right to three wishes!"

He took a deep breath. "Can I have the three wishes and ask two more questions about the world in general?"

The god thought for a moment and said, "As you may know, there's information I can't reveal."

"Of course, no problem. Well, I'll start! Is there anyone who has come back to life and is alive?" He asked with fear again.

"There is someone who has come back to life! 

When the god mentioned the word "one," he was in shock and asked, "Did he just come back to life?"

"No, he has already completed his mission!"

"Does that mean he no longer has information about the future?"

"No, he should have about two more years of information about his past life, but since he completed his mission two years earlier, those details might change."

"Butterfly effect! My final question is, is there anyone like me? And who is alive, of course!" He asked again, concerned about the answer.

"No, there's no one like you, because you're the first one I've done this to. You're an experiment. Everyone who has been revived in this world has always been the standout figures of their eras. I hope the same for you. Hahaha! But why the question?"

"For a reason! Fighting against someone who has been revived is madness! That's what leads to my first wish: I don't want anyone to experience reincarnation.

The god thought for a moment and said, "I accept, but if I need to interfere in the world, you'll be my tool!"

Without hesitation, he said, "Deal! But I want a reward."

"Greedy boy! Hahaha, I like you! Hahaha!" The god stopped laughing and asked, "What's your next wish, young man?"

"System! Access my memory and see what kind of system I like, please!

"With missions or not?"

"No! But it can be good. When you want to interfere with the world, you can place a mission in the system!"

"Oh! good idea!"he waited a while, and the god said, "It's done! What's your last wish, think carefully, it's the last one!"

"I wish for all the knowledge of my previous world stored in the AI system!"

"Complete! I'm in a good mood today. Is there anything else?"

"I want to be reborn as a baby and have to pretend to be someone I'm not. I've never been good at that!"

"Anything else, my boy?"

"An average-sized penis!" He asked, embarrassed.

"Hahaha!" The god laughed.

"Everything's ready. Good luck in your next life!"

Parts of his body began to disappear, he knew he was in the process of reincarnation.

"Aaaa-thank you. By the way, what's your name?" He asked, watching his body disappear.

"Ares, the god of war."

"I'll remember to pray to you when I go to war!"

"haha, I'll be watching you from here"