166 The body of the woman

His curiousity began to spike to very dangerous levels.

"How does this involve the Empress?" Evin continued his questions but an annoyed-psycho-glare from Four shut him up.

"You know what? Don't fucking worry about it, alright? Just learn well under me, burn that fucking giant tree down to the ground and you can fucking leave," Four suddenly burst out at Evin. 

The boy tactfully shut his mouth. 

'Why do you speak without pausing when you're swearing at someone?' Evin complained in his head. 

Four walked back and forth in an annoyed way, her eyes darting about, until she finally stopped and stood in front of the silent Evin. She stared at Evin for a few seconds, her mouth twitching itself into a smile.

'What does she want? Is she trying to kill me?'


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