Shades of Blue(BoyxBoy) Book

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Shades of Blue(BoyxBoy)


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Daniel life has always been sad and depressing but things start getting better when David, the popular rich kids notice him but when David starts developing new feelings for him he must accept himself as gay even when he has a homophobic uncle. David on the other was finally able to come out as gay to his parents and got closer to Daniel but when the darkness falls and he almost loses him , he realizes he might just be in love. Will he be able to fix the broken and depressed Daniel? Highest in: 1~Gay love 2~ Suicide 3~ Abuse 4~Romance N/B: Umm....this book is kinda completed but I'm editing it since it's like so horrible so dont be mad if some chapters are missing. Thank you Started: 10/13/20 Finished: 11/15/20


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