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Shackles of Destiny


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This is interesting.. A good book. I love the plot, the characters and the friendship they share. It's worth reading. Keep going Author.....

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Hello! My first impression about your synopsis was like, ' Oh, interesting- wait, Author-sama is using words I do not know of, will the book be like this for the whole time! ?' • Writing Quality- 4 stars, but if I were to be honest and if WN would provide some other new Features for reviews, your writing quality is on par with 4.7 ratings. I like your writing style. It is fluid and does not seem to slack off and it's consistent. There were errors, in capitalization? Yes, that's it. The transition on Chapter 2 and 3 , there seems to be a little off. ( Or was I very sleepy? nvm) Story Development- 5 stars, I was hoping for anime boy wannabe to disregard the girl ( hehe I want the cold verrryyy cold type in this kind of book ) but anyhow Author-sama have lived up to my expectations! I did not thought that anime boy will be friendly...maybe it's because how miss C approached him from the start which is checking at his butt. A nice way of greeting a newcomer! XD But I cannot say much about the development since the book is still on its early stage, yes. it's too early to come up with a conclusion. I like it tho. Character Design- 5 stars ( Miss C was a bubbly girl, while animeboy wannabe was a cold looking guy- he was also a shy guy. As what I've read in the first three cha** hehe Updating Stability- 5 Stars World Background- since the book's settings was in real life, then the book itself is easy to apprehend and it's easy to imagine what's the setting of the said scene, which is a plus point for the author. I am hoping to read more of this book! I just love the quality and I hope I could write like this too!


Wow! the story is fantasizing you can imagine how the details and the plot have been together in one place. I love how the author thinks about the story. It makes me want to read more and more of the story. keep it up, author!