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" if someone had told me you were going to turn out like this I would have never going to believe it " her mom said

"Mom please i don't know what have changed about me that is making you feel unhappy " Sarah said

" You have turned into a saly queen !" Her mom Zara said

" Mom I have  not turned into a saly queen I have just got to know the world better " Sarah said

" You call this getting to know the world better Sarah , you wearing dress that show some parts of your body you getting to know the world!?"

" Mom look at me I am happy and I am living the life " she said and looked at her phone after she checked the massage on her phone she smiled

// Hi baby I can't wait for you to get here I am so hard for you right now //

" Mom I have to go " Sarah said before leaving

" But I am not done talking to yo-" her mom said but she cut her off

" Mom I  will come home later , good night " Sarah said before she run off living their house to to Max house .

Later that night Sarah ented Max apartment .

" I have missed you so much " max said kissing the neck of Sarah

" Oh really you have miss me " Sarah said with her breath not even

" Yes and I can't wait to fuck the bad gril out of you , I will fuck you till you you beg me to stop " he said turing her on

Max carried Sarah to his bed take off her clothes he started sucking her nipples while his other hand was busy fucking her wet pussy his lips moved from his nipples to her wet pussy he stared sucking her pussy as if his life depended on it

"Oh fuck !! Yes , please be fuck me please ! " Sarah shouted in pure Bliss

" As you wish " max said as he was so hard

Max straight himself in her entrance and started riding her like she was a his hrose .

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