Sext Me Crazy Series Book

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Sext Me Crazy Series

Ted Evans

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A Collection of Three Hot Sexting standalone, light-hearted romances. My favorite college romances in one bundle! The Hookup #teXXXt My perfect match might be the one guy on campus I hate. The college dating app is supposed to be my way to find true love. Instead, I get matched with the prankster, Elijah. The one guy on campus I truly can't stand. Just my luck. Filthy #teXXXt The Sext Line could find my perfect match. I just never expected it to be him. College is supposed to be a fresh start. I have three goals: #1 Change my closet - Check #2 Make friends - Check #3 Lose my virginity...I hit a wall when it comes to number three. Hot #teXXXt A professor messing with a student? Career ender. Him being my stepbrother only makes things worse. Just when I think nothing can break my boredom... My phone chimes. Sext me. Two naughty little words. The dirtiest text I've ever received. Sext Me Crazy Series is created by Ted Evans, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.