Sex torture: torturing people with sex and making them my slave

_______________________________________ Lucas was killed, he was a well known mysterious killer called the burying man, he buried his victims when he killed them, so when he was burying another victim, he saw a light get close to so he turned around and suddenly felt he couldn't breath, a hole appeared in his chest and he fell and he died, why did he die, the system killed him and erased his existence from his old world. _______________________________________ hello readers, I'll pick the first comment on each chapter and let them choose the world the mc goes.

slaveryandtorture · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
4 Chs

Beginners package and tutorial.

[Opening beginners package.

[Lvl 1] Dominant thinking

[Lvl 1] slave binding

Steel handcuffs 10x

[One time use: dick growth ticket]

[Lvl 1] stamina recharge

Sharp steel sword ]

"I had a beginners package?" Lucas said

[Yes, I researched through your world depictions of systems as most systems don't give hosts beginners packages and leave them to almost die]

"Your right about that." Lucas said as he pulled out the sharp steel sword.

[Tutorial starting.







Loading Tutorial successfully]

Lucas looked at the system confusingly and suddenly finds himself in a Midieval house with no doors or windows. "Where am I system?" Lucas said with a confused tone.

[You are in the Tutorial room, pick which Tutorial you want to do.

[Slave Tutorial]

[Sex Tutorial]

[Training Tutorial]

Please choose a Tutorial host]

"Why do I have to do a Tutorial?" Lucas asked the system.

[The Creator is waiting for other constellations to choose what world to send you to, and you'll stay here till the constellations choose]

Lucas looks at the system, astonished that he will be trapped here till a constellation chooses a world for him. "Are the constellations watching me right now?" Lucas said.

[Yes, currently 7 Constellations have added this to there collections]

Lucas looks around the room and screams, "TOO WHATEVER CONSTELLATION IS WATCHING, PLEASES CHOOSE A WORLD!" Lucas shouts outloud, seeing no one responding, Lucas looked at the ground and sighs.

"I'll choose the slave Tutorial." Lucas said as the room suddenly changes as all the furniture is gone and a pentagram appears on the floor, a creature pops out of the pentagram looking confused.

[A goblin appears, defeat it till it is at 25% health]

A health bar appears above the goblins head, as the goblin saw Lucas and ran at him, Lucas turned around to run but he suddenly felt a stinging pain on his back and the goblins hand passed through him, Lucas felt great pain and heard the goblin cackle as it starts to beat him with its fist, he finally died after being beaten for 2 minutes straight as the goblin crushed his head.

[Respawning host





. ]

Lucas felt himself falling, as he looked to where he was falling, he saw a pit of fire, but suddenly was stopped as chains surrounded his body tightly and lifted him back up.

Lucas screamed as he was back in the room, he looked around frantically for the goblin fearing it would pop out and kill him.

[Respawn complete]

"What the hell was that?" Lucas said with a terrified look.

[You have been respawned, host has died from the goblin attack, host should try again and make the goblin into your first slave]

"But the goblin is too strong." Lucas said.

[Host is too stupid to know that goblins are weaker then humans, so raise your Sharp steel sword and beat it or I'll send you to hell and choose another host]

Lucas, remembering how hell looked like opened his inventory and brought his steel sword out.

Another goblin appeared again as it looked at Lucas it attacked him, this time Lucas blocked the attack with the steel sword and kicked the goblin on the balls, surprisingly Lucas felt nothing and lept back, "the goblins a girl!?" Lucas said with a surprised tone.

The goblin gets angry and rushes at him but Lucas kicked her stomach and raised his arm and struck the goblin as its arm fell off.

The goblins health fell by 20% percent and screamed in pain as its arm was chopped off, "its health dropped so much by cutting a limb off, system what limbs should I cut off to make its health drop enough to not let it die." Lucas said.

[Cut another arm off and slice its ears off to drop it to 50% health and use your fist to drop its health some more]

"Thanks system." Lucas said as he raised his sword and cut its other arm off and kick it to the ground, he steps on its chest to hold it down and cut its ear off, while doing so he keeps hearing the goblin scream in pain, he starts to beat it with his fist till its health dropped to 23%.

[Would you like to enslave this creature: Y/N]

"Yes." Lucas said as he is panting from beating the goblin, suddenly a golden chain pops out of his chest as a dark chain pops out of the goblins chest, the chains attach themselves to each other and the goblin turns into a card.

[Enslaved goblin successfully]

The room changes back to its original look, Lucas decided to sit down on a wooden chair as he is still slightly tired from beating the goblin. "So I have to beat something till its health drops to 25% huh." Lucas said.

[Yes, but currently your slave binding skill is level 1 still so you can only enslave weak creatures]

"Well I hope a constellation chooses a world quickly as I want to leave this room to see the world they chose." Lucas said as he closes his eyes and sleep.