1 The Painful Dream

I dreamed of living in the clouds nothing could hurt me here.... Till a pain in my pussy started! I woke up to see my boyfriend pumping his dick in my vagina!! "ahhh!! what the the fuck!?" I yelled.

" Yeah that's what I'm doing, is that ok... Big tits?" said my boyfriend. At this point I saw his big dick. Then I was ready. "Harder! Faster!" I demanded. He picked up speed, and I cummed on him. He soon snapped off my bra too, and played with my tits.

In that morning I found out his dick was in my vagina all night. "Get up, school!!!" I screamed. I scrambled to get my clothes. Just then behind me, my boyfriend touched my boobs and kissed me on the neck. "Round 2?" he whispered. I rolled my eyes and shoved his clothes in his chest.

"Not now, we have 15 minutes till school. And, I haven't made breakfast yet." I got all my clothes and scrambled downstairs to make something to eat. After I made eggs and toast and plated it, I noticed that he was at the table already. Checking out my ass in a light daydream. "You sure we can't... you know.." his mouth drooling. I slapped him in the face and gave him his plate. I ate fast and ran to catch the bus.

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