Seventeen Again: The Sweet Life with My Family

Wen Nian reincarnated. This was an opportunity God gave her. In her previous life, she was a girl from an ordinary family, but she had unrealistic dreams. She regretted trusting her best friend, who turned out to be a bitch, and she made the mistake of loving her enemy. She lamented how vain she'd been. Even after the jerk called off the wedding, she still couldn't get over him. To retaliate, she started having casual flings with other men. On the surface, it seemed like she was living a glamorous life. However, on the inside, she felt disgusted with herself. In the end, someone framed her for a crime she didn't commit, and she went to prison. At the time, she'd constantly imagine returning to the jerk's side. She indirectly killed her own brother for the jerk. Her mother also lost her life in the hospital after a failed attempt to resuscitate her. To please the jerk, Wen Nian was persuaded by her best friend to enter the complicated world of showbiz. She put on a lot of makeup to win audiences over. She only realized her best friend was actually the jerk's lover when she went to prison! Wen Nian spent ten years in prison. She was supposed to only be there for ten years, but the higher-ups said she didn't perform well, and she knew they wouldn't let her go so easily. In the end, she died a terrible death in prison. Surprisingly, she also obtained the chance to reincarnate. She reincarnated to the time when she was seventeen. At the time, she still hadn't made any of the mistakes she had made in her past life. She decided to call off the engagement as soon as possible and avoid the jerk. She'd live a grounded life and protect her own family. Gradually, Wen Nian's life returned to the right path. She met someone new. He seemed ordinary, but he was very good to her. One day, he pointed at a bigshot on television and introduced the man to Wen Nian. "That's my grandfather." "Huh?" Wen Nian gasped.

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Meeting Wei Xiao Again

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After breakfast, Wen Nian carried her bag and arrived in her former high school.

"Wen Nian, happy birthday. Here, this is a gift I prepared."

Huang Yue was Wen Nian's best friend.

It was Wen Nian's best friend who ultimately married Wei Xiao, but she also coerced Wen Nian into working as a hostess, tricked her into human trafficking, secretly took nude photos of Wen Nian, and sold them to an illegal website. As a result, Wen Nian was eventually incarcerated, and it's possible that even the abuse and torment she endured in prison were a result of Huang Yue's actions.

This gift was very dirty.

Wen Nian disregarded the gift, afraid that if she took another look at it, she would feel repulsed.

The day went by in a flash, but Wen Nian treasured every moment of it. She took diligent notes and listened attentively to each lesson. After being reborn, she realized how crucial studying was. It was the only thing she could focus on at the moment and the best opportunity to bring down Wei Xiao. She didn't dare waste a single second.

After school, there was a limited edition Rolls-Royce parked at the entrance of Xinyu High School. It was very eye-catching.

As Wen Nian exited the school gate, Wei Xiao stepped out of his car and approached her with the pre-prepared gift box in hand..

Within a dozen steps, the students from school stopped in their tracks. The surrounding students waited to watch the commotion. Who was this handsome man looking for? What was he going to do? Was this girl some kind of hero who had saved the galaxy?

"Nian Nian, happy birthday. This is a gift for you. It's an evening gown I had specially customized for you. I hope you could be my dance partner at the ball tonight."

Indeed, this well-mannered man was Wei Xiao, a beast in a gorgeous coat.

"I'm not free tonight."

With that, Wen Nian walked away without looking back, her expression turning into a frown. Her love for this man in the past life was just as much as her hatred for this man in this life.

Wei Xiao, who had been rejected, calmly sat back in the car. "Little b*tch, you actually dare to reject me? Hmph, I was doing you a favor."

To Wei Xiao, Wen Nian was nothing more than an ant, but he felt obligated to act affectionate towards her.

Huang Yue witnessed everything and a thought occurred to her. This was the chance she had been waiting for.

Huang Yue knocked politely on Wei Xiao's car window, and when he rolled it down, she put on a sweet smile. "Hi there, I'm Wen Nian's good friend, Huang Yue. She's not in a great mood today. Let me deliver the gift for you."

Wei Xiao handed the gown to Huang Yue politely, without displaying any signs of displeasure.

Upon returning home, Wen Nian threw herself onto the bed, burying herself in the blankets. Since she couldn't defeat Wei Xiao at the moment, she decided to keep her distance from him.

Her first priority was to break off the engagement and move to a neighboring provincial district. At present, there was nothing more important than studying. Only by attending a good university could she gain access to excellent resources and opportunities to rid herself of Wei Xiao.

If I don't take revenge on Wei Xiao, then I, Wen Nian, swear that I won't be human.

Wen Nian lay on her bed, tilting her body and narrowing her eyes as she felt the rays of the setting sun shining through the window. She immersed herself in the fresh air, enjoying the feeling of freedom that now surrounded her.

The quiet atmosphere did not last long before the doorbell rang.

Wen Nian got up to open the door and upon seeing Huang Yue, she frowned slightly.

Huang Yue's heart skipped a beat as she noticed the expression on Wen Nian's face. She had been sensing that something was off with Wen Nian all day.

As Wen Nian's only good friend, Huang Yue was confident that Wen Nian would never normally dare to show an attitude!

Though surprised by Wen Nian's initial expression, Huang Yue was skilled at hiding her true feelings. The smile on her face didn't falter as she raised the high-end gift box in her hand and spoke gently to Wen Nian, "Wen Nian, the person who came to look for you today is the eldest young master of the Wei family, right? I saw him at the banquet previously. Are you very familiar with him? He recognized me just now and asked me to pass this box to you after knowing that we were classmates. I thought that it was a birthday gift after all, so I brought it back for you."

Compared to Wei Xiao, Wen Nian harbored more hatred towards Huang Yue. She had never suspected her best friend, someone she considered a sister!

Huang Yue was the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy family. Wen Nian knew that she was not strong enough to take her down at the moment. So, she decided to wait for the right opportunity to strike. It was more important for her to study. For Wen Nian, education was the foundation of her life and the only way she can survive!

Wen Nian glanced down at the gift box and sneered. "You still gave it to me even when you saw that I had rejected it."

Huang Yue was used to Wen Nian being obedient and respectful towards her. So when she saw Wen Nian criticizing her mercilessly, it made her very uncomfortable.

Despite feeling angry, Huang Yue maintained her usual good temper and asked with concern, "Wen Nian, is there something bothering you? You seem unhappy."

Wen Nian's lips curled slightly at the corners, exuding a subtle coldness in her eyes. Her pure and alluring features combined with her aloofness, giving her a valiant and appealing look.

Wen Nian regarded Huang Yue's pretentious attitude with coldness and reached out to open the gift box.

Indeed! Wen Nian gazed at the dress in the gift box and immediately recognized it as the same dress Huang Yue had persuaded her to wear to the banquet in her previous life.

However, the difference was that in her previous life, her eyes had gleamed with excitement at the sight of Wei Xiao. She eagerly accepted the gift box, promising to attend the event on time. She had even flaunted the dress at the school gate, feeling proud of herself.

After Wei Xiao left, Huang Yue started to manipulate Wen Nian's choices by convincing her that men preferred women to dress in a more seductive manner. Eventually, Wen Nian gave up on the elegant long dress she had planned to wear to the banquet and followed Huang Yue's lead to shop for revealing and flashy one-piece dresses in the underground mall. Huang Yue even applied heavy makeup on Wen Nian to complete the transformation.

Despite being the one who had tagged along, Huang Yue effortlessly made herself look like the daughter of a wealthy family as Wen Nian, who was beside Huang Yue, looked like the uninvited socialite who had just tagged along.