Seven Archon Blessing This Wonderful World Book

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Seven Archon Blessing This Wonderful World


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The usual adventurous life of Kazuma, doing quest, get drunk, having fun with his party members, and goes on. One day when he accepted the high difficulty quest, it takes an unexpected turns, he get himself killed 'again' from that quest. When he thought that he can meet the goddess Eris, he found himself drowning at the bottom of the sea rather than the usual dark room with the goddess. He meets a traveler and a mascot (?) and that is the beginning of their adventure in Tevyat, The world that ruled by the 7 Archon. --------------------------------------- This is the first time I write a story and fanfiction. I just writing this fanfic for fun. The characters are not mine and owned by the respectful owner, Kadokawa and Mihoyo. I don't own the cover, I just edit the 2 image into one, credit to the fanart artist. If you found some mistake in my grammar, I'm sorry, English isn't my first language, it was like my 3rd or 4th language.


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