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Kidnapped and sent to another world, he finds himself right in his element. "You think I don't know how all of this works? Please." Armed with the knowledge he has gained from reading various web novels and his 'unique' way of thinking, he will shake the heavens. "No matter how many worlds I have to go through, I will return to my home!" All so he can get his mother's groceries... — Support Serial Transmigrator at patreon.com/shixuan

Shixuan · Fantasy
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Chapter 20

"Little Lian."

The matriarch smiled as she hugged her daughter. She was relieved that her daughter hadn't seen the previous display otherwise she would be extremely embarrassed.

The boy stepped forward and said:

"Greetings Fang Clan matriarch, this junior is Ji Dian."

The matriarch looked towards Ji Dian and clasped her fists in gratitude.

"You have my gratitude for saving my daughter. Name any reward you want, it shall be yours."

"Matriarch is too polite. It is only right to help those in need."

Everyone in the room except the two new arrivals nodded their heads, and then looked towards Hei.

Hei didn't appreciate all of this attention. Especially because they were judging him for being unwilling to submit himself to torture for the matriarch who he had just met.

He spoke in a righteous tone with his hands behind his back, trying to sound profound.

"Everyone has their own path in life. Some people want to be heroes or achieve heaven shattering feats, but some just want to go home."

Everyone was left speechless. Not because Hei had said something profound, but the last thing he said.

The matriarch decided to ask.

"Go home?"

Hei responded firmly.

"Home is the greatest."


Tianlan had seen something similar before so he asked:

"Did you inherit this from Mother?"

"Cough. I for one am not in the business of helping people. Excuse me for being selfish, but my only desire in this world is to make my adorable little sister the world's strongest."

Bai blushed and hid her face in her hands.

"Brother you shouldn't say these things."

"What's wrong? You have no problem exploiting me, but when I praise you, you want to hide in embarrassment?"

"That… Anyway, I think it is admirable to help those in need."


Hei had a terrible feeling. He looked at Bai who was looking at Ji Dian.

"This… No, uh, your brother is a hero, I will help all those in need."

He said this while frantically waving his arms in front of her face, which succeeded in distracting her.

Everyone in the room looked at him with an odd expression.

Tianlan spoke.

"How shameless can you be?"

He said this while punching Hei's head.

Hei responded.

"As shameless as it takes, Brother. Our little sister is under siege."

What are you talking about?

Hei pulled Tianlan into a corner and lowered his voice.

He didn't know that the matriarch's spiritual awareness was still in effect and that she was able to hear every word spoken in the hall.

Hei spoke to Tianlan seriously. He had seen far too many of these kinds of situations to take it lightly.

"You don't understand the main character aura. It's the most lethal poison to talented girls. Just look at the matriarch's daughter. Do you see how she looks at this Ji Dian?"

Tianlan turned to look at the matriarch's daughter. He saw that she did seem to have warm eyes towards Ji Dian.

Coincidentally, he saw the matriarch look over to her daughter as well. She seemed to make the same observation.

Tianlan then turned back to Hei.

"… You're right but isn't that normal? He saved her life."

Hei held Tianlan's shoulder while shaking his head.

"You think just saving her life is enough? Without the main character aura would she bring him back to her clan? People get saved all the time, and they just say thanks and move on."

"This… Is this more of your other-world knowledge?"

Over the years, Hei had told Bai and Tianlan the various things he had learned in his web novels. He hoped it would give them a leg up in dealing with the events that happened in this world.

"Indeed, and I'm telling you, she's harem member number one."

"But how can you be sure?"

"Actually, I can't. It depends on how the author wants this to go. At this point, their relationship could be dropped."

"How will it be dropped? If she likes him, won't it complicate things?"

Tianlan had adapted to thinking as if he were in a story. This was what Hei was trying to accomplish in both of his siblings.

That way, they would be on the same page when Hei brought up plot armour and other abstract concepts.

"It's still a little shallow, she is still suffering from the after-effects of hero syndrome."

"Hero syndrome?"

Tianlan was unfamiliar with this term.

"That's what I call these kinds of situations where a girl is saved by a boy. When it happens, you often see the girl take an interest in the boy. It may happen immediately, or it may happen over time. But one thing is for certain. It will happen!"

"So, when do you know that the effects have faded?"

"Oh, no, no, no, dear Brother. The effects last for life. Unless she saves him back once, she will always remember this experience. And in the event that she does save him back once, it basically locks her in as a love interest i.e. harem member."

"Makes sense."

Tianlan could see how this would be the case. Being rescued at a point of life and death. It would be difficult to forget such an experience.

"Yes, it does. Now, this particular situation with the matriarch could end up going one of two ways. It could be 'main character solves a major problem for the clan. I like you, here's my daughter.' If it's this one, I'm sure you can guess the outcome."


"But in this case that probably won't occur."

"Why not?"

"Because we already discovered the problem. You might be unaware, but you and sister also have main character auras. You can't give the same problem to two unrelated main characters. Even if she did, I made preparations for that case".

"What about yourself? Do you also have it?"

"Me? My position is a little different. If I'm not mistaken, I would be considered the main main character. Actually, I may not be..."

Here, Hei realised something.

'If there are others in a similar situation to me... I never considered that possibility. I will have to plan around that.'

If there were other otherworlders here, he may not be what he thinks he is.

"Either way, I'm also a main character of sorts but since I will eventually leave this world, I don't know how the systems will work."

"You're still talking about that?"

Tianlan didn't know how Hei was planning to return to his own world, but it had been a while since he mentioned it.

"That's beside the point. Anyway, the other possibility is 'main character receives precious item' These usually basically cut off the relationship, with the girl making some vow to catch up to him or something. But she won't."

"But what if the item ties the two together?"

"Hehe, now you are talking. That my dear brother, is a fringe case, those are extremely unpredictable."

"I see, so these would be your so-called original plots?"

"Sono Toori. But note that every plot was original at some point."

Hei had to clarify this point. He then continued.

"One thing to pay attention to is if there is a crazy love rival."

"Crazy love rival?"

"Some slimeball who the girl has no interest in but treats her like she's already his. Usually, the author will have the main character defeat the love rival, but where does this leave the girl?"

"I don't know."

"I'll tell you where. She ends up falling for the main character! What else could happen? They go on their merry ways?"

"I see… But how can you be sure that she will be a harem member?"

Hei gave Tianlan a smirk.

"She is a first instance girl."

"First instance girl?"

"She is equivalent to Fang Ren in our situation. At the start of our journey, we met a girl and ended up at her clan. In our case, it was reversed but it's still the same. Now, let's say you and Fang Ren developed feelings for each other."

Hei paused and looked at Tianlan, who had a plain expression. He sighed in relief before continuing.

"First of all, do you know the requirements for a main character to develop feelings for a girl?"


"Listen closely, this is a crucial point. She must be a 'country toppling beauty' or the equivalent. Nothing less!"

"Eh? But what if she has a good personality?"


Hei couldn't help letting out a suppressed laughter.

The other people all looked at him strangely.

Hei ignored them and continued. He didn't know why, but the matriarch seemed to be upset.

"Brother, you really like fringe cases. Do you know how few main characters develop feelings for a 'beautiful but not too beautiful girl'?"

"How many?"

"One! One my dear brother. You should basically ignore the possibility of this happening. Not everyone is Meng Hao and he got Stockholm syndrome so that doesn't even count."

"Meng Hao?"

"Never mind, I Shall Seal The Conversation there. Now, do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes, the girl has to be beautiful or the main character won't develop feelings for her. But what happens to all of the girls who aren't beautiful?"

"Uh, uh, uh, hold on there, Brother. It's all in the nuance. The girl can't just be 'beautiful', she has to be a 'country toppling beauty' or the equivalent."

"Right, but about the other girls."

Tianlan wasn't too bothered by Hei's strange fixation on the words 'country toppling beauty'. He was more interested in what happened to the ones who weren't.

"Absolutely nothing. They don't even have names."


"They are either atmospheric fodder, or they will be forgotten soon enough. Do you remember any of the girls from the martial arts competition back then?"

"...I see."

It was true. Tianlan did not remember a single one of their names or faces.

"Now that you understand this point, let's get back on our previous train of thought, let's say Fang Ren is a country toppling beauty…"

He turned to look at Fang Ren, but at this moment he noticed the matriarch.

"Now wait a minute. Isn't the matriarch fairly attractive?"

"I would say so."

"Country toppling?"

"I would say so."


Hei had a frown on his face.

The matriarch noticed this and had a slight reaction. It wasn't enough for anyone to notice.

"What is it?"

Tianlan couldn't help asking. Why had Hei frowned all of a sudden?

"No, it's just strange. I've never seen the term 'country toppling beauty' applied to a mother."

Hei turned around and gave the matriarch a strange look.

"This may be strange to ask, but is this your biological daughter?"

The matriarch was stunned for a moment before she responded.

"… No, she isn't."

Hei dropped his fist on his palm in realisation.

He turned back around to Tianlan.

"See what I told you? I know what I'm talking about."


Tianlan was actually kind of convinced. Something like that is extremely difficult to accurately discover.

It wasn't just Tianlan. The matriarch also found it interesting that Hei was able to deduce this, just based on the fact that he considered her to be a 'country toppling beauty'. Was this some kind of divination technique?

Hei continued.

"Ok, now let's say that you and the matriarch develop feelings for each other…"

He again checked Tianlan's face before continuing.

"What happens when you meet another 'country toppling beauty' with a stronger background?"

"Why would that mean anything?"

"Eh? Because you have main character aura! This changes everything you know? Beauties will be lining the road as you walk."

"You're exaggerating."

"Eh? Did you not see how the girls at the martial arts competition looked at you? Even though everyone called you trash, they still had desire in their eyes."

"Now that you mention it… But couldn't that just be because I'm adorable like Little Bai?"

Tianlan said this while stroking his chin.

"… Big brother, this is no time for jokes. Your looks have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not girls like you. It's all about the aura."

"Eh? But don't young ladies go after handsome young men?"

"That's because cultivation somehow improves your appearance. It doesn't seem to be doing anything for me though..."

"That's because of your Innate Shadow Physique. You look too weird."

"Krch. This… Sigh, it's not like I was looking for love anyway."

"Sure you weren't."

"No, I really wasn't. How am I supposed to take her home to my mother? Obviously, nothing can happen."

"It isn't that difficult, just bring her to the bakery."

"Sigh, you know what I mean, Brother."

"Right… But now that you mention it, I did notice some looks when we were walking around the Fang Clan."

"There it is, now you're becoming aware."

"So what happens when I meet another 'country toppling beauty'?"

"Simple. Some way, somehow, that girl will develop feelings for you. Even if you give her the cold shoulder. Even if you are rude to her and treat her poorly, that poor, unsuspecting girl will still be unable to forget about you."

"Eh? Why would she…"

He was cut off

"Because of the main character aura! Even if you clearly explain that you have no feelings for the girl, guess what?"


"She'll still like you!"

"This… How can that be? That is completely illogical."

"Hehe. One day, you too shall come to realise this my dear brother, for you are destined to walk down this dark, twisted path."


"And you know what happens next?"


"In the blink of an eye, you have four or five girls that claim they can't live without you. That they will never love another man. What do you do then, dear Brother? WHAT DO YOU DO THEN?"

Hei accidentally raised his voice at the end. He looked around to find odd looks on everyone's faces.

He decided to explain himself.

"Excuse me. I was enthralled by my brother's tales of how he would abuse his eye techniques to look through walls into the bedchambers of young maidens. Unable to bear the shame of having such a creepy brother, I shouted in indignant frustration."



"You go too far with your jokes. Look at their faces!"

Tianlan said this after punching Hei's head quite hard. He was very embarrassed right now.

Hei looked at the disgusted faces of everyone in the room, and that hero's hypocritical gaze.

'You just wish you had the ability. Who do you think you're fooling?'

He decided to clear things up.

"Please pardon my ill-placed humour, as far as I'm aware, my brother does not spend the hours of 8 pm to 10 pm wondering around the city, searching for young ladies to stare at."

"This… why is your explanation making things worse? I don't do any of those things…"

Tianlan turned to look at the others.

"This accursed brother of mine is just jealous because he doesn't get any attention from the young ladies of Spring Leaf City. Ever since he was born, he has been jealous of my looks. I mean just look at him. Does he seem like the type of person young ladies would be interested in?"

The others nodded in agreement. This argument was quite reasonable.

Hei wasn't so happy to hear this.

"Why you! What's that supposed to mean? I'll have you know; any girl would be lucky to have my love. Isn't that right Little Bai?"

"Who's the creepy one now?"


"Now, I'll admit that was a little creepy, but don't forget his demonic blue eyes. They say he lures away young ladies' souls with them. You all should consider yourselves fortunate to still be here."

Fang Ren and the matriarch recalled that feeling when Tianlan looked at them and took a few steps back.

"This… Hei likes boys! He has been talking to me about Ji Dian this whole time."

"You, you. This is too much."

"And you think you didn't say too much?"

At this point, their foreheads were pressed up against each other.

Bai was very embarrassed by her brothers' behaviour.

"Why do you have to do this in public?"



Bai jumped into the air and landed two solid punches, one for each of their heads.

They fell to the ground and she picked them up by their ears.

"Apologise to these nice people."

"I-I'm sorry. Everything I said about Big Brother was a lie. It's not his fault he was born with creepy eyes."

"Krch. I too am sorry. Everything I said about my little brother was a lie. It's not his fault he was born ugly."

Bai raised her arms pulling the both of them up, causing them pain.

"OK, OK, Sister you're right. We won't do it again."

"OK, OK, Sister you're right. We won't do it again."

Both boys said the same words at the same time.

"Sigh. You two really need to grow up."

Everyone looked at this youngest person in the room with strange expressions.

After being released from Bai's grip, Hei spoke cautiously.

"Cough. Now, if you'll excuse us, we haven't finished our discussion."

Hei patted Tianlan's shoulder and led him back to the corner.

"So… What do you do then?"

"With the 5 devoted love interests?"

"Don't forget. You and the matriarch already had feelings for each other, but you don't necessarily have feelings for these other girls."

"Am I married to the matriarch?"


"Why not?"

"Eh? B-Because her cultivation is slower than yours and she has a clan to look after. You find opportunities or enemies that force you to get stronger."

"Why would that be the case? Couldn't I just stay in the Fang Clan and protect it with her until it's strong enough? Then we could leave with peace of mind to pursue our own journey."

Unknown to the two boys, the matriarch's opinion of Tianlan was raised quite a bit. She was even considering matching him with her daughter.

Hei couldn't believe what Tianlan was saying.

"Th-This… But the 5-sect summit is coming up. The next one won't be for another 20 years."


"Eh? But it's the next logical step in a main character's path. How are you supposed to meet the other 'country toppling beauties' and all the stupid guys who have a bone to pick with you, who you defeat, and then it turns out that the stupid guys have strong support in the sect, which in turn makes your life in the sect a struggle, whereby which you either meet a ragtag group of friends who you can suffer through it with, or overcome the difficulties by yourself, impressing a senior sister who happens to be a country toppling beauty along the way. But this senior sister causes you more trouble than she's worth, but you feel some obligation to help her with her problems, beginning the cycle over again?"

"But why would I want all that?"

"You don't actively seek the trouble. It comes because of your main character aura. In real life, you wouldn't know you were walking into character-development plot."

"But you just told me. And frankly speaking, all of what you described sucks. Wouldn't it be better to just take it slow and live with my love? Cultivators increase their life spans every realm. It's not like we're getting old."

"This… What kind of main character are you? If you take it slow, you will miss all of the chances to rise above your peers to claim the legendary treasure or cultivator's inheritance."

"But what do I need those for?"

"I… I… Where am I right now?"

Hei couldn't understand Tianlan's way of thinking at all. Since when did a main character not seek strength first?

"We're in the Fang clan's reception hall."

Hei realised something. He pointed his shaking finger at Tianlan and with a crazed look in his eyes, he said.

"No, no, n-n-n-n-no! E-Even if you decide to marry the matriarch here. You will still end up meeting the other problems that I described. In order to keep living with the matriarch, you will have to break through cultivation realms, which means you will either have to go to sects and the like, or you'll have to search for inheritances. During these times is where you'll meet the other 'country toppling beauties' Hahahaha!"

"But I'm already married to the matriarch?"


"Then I'll take her with me. Surely these other girls won't target a married man. Wouldn't they have men throwing themselves at them? Why would they go for one who's already taken?"

"Eh? What world are you living in? The main character aura transcends all boundaries. Do you think they even see those other men? They are just placeholders until you get there. You'll even have spirit beast girls falling in love with you. Regardless of if you're married or how many wives you have. It'll be as if the other girls can't even see it."

"In that case, I would respectfully decline the other girls."

Tianlan said with a serious expression. He had seen the way his mother was treated, and he refused to do the same to his love.


Hei let out a painful sigh.

"I would have liked your story, but sadly, your answer is a bunch of nonsense. Let me explain it to you again. These girls have essentially told you that they can't live without you and will never love another man."

"And I don't have feelings for them?"

"You may, you may not, it depends on the author."

"If I don't have feelings for them, how do their feelings mean anything to me?"


Hei was stunned for a short while.

"Because they're someone's best girl."

"Best girl?"

This was also a new term to Tianlan.

"Yes, no matter who you reject, there will be readers who have grown attached to her and don't like that she has been rejected. There will also be readers who don't like the matriarch, who you have feelings for and have taken as your wife."

"This… Why should I care about the readers?"

"Because… Because the author wants money. If too many readers get upset, then sales go down."

"Why should I care about the author's sales?"

"Because the author is the driving force of the world. Without the author, everything comes to a standstill and nothing moves. It will be like time has been frozen."

"But if time is frozen, none of us will know. How does it affect us, as characters in the story?"

"This… technically it doesn't, we wouldn't know that the story has come to an end."

"Then I'll live the way I want to regardless of the author or the readers."

"But… What about the Dao?"

"What about it?"

"Seeking the Dao is the most important thing to a cultivator."

"Is it more important than living a happy life with your love?"

"Most definitely."


"Because it's the Dao."


"So? It's… the Dao."

"I'm not seeing your point."

"This… It's the Dao. Everyone wants to seek it."

"Not me."

"This… Did you inherit this from Mumu? It's the Dao! The Dao, Brother!"

"It doesn't matter how many times you repeat it. I don't care about the Dao."

Hei slumped to the floor. He was in complete disbelief.

"Are you even a main character?"

"According to you, I am."

Hei then stood up, turned around and motioned Ji Dian over with his hand. This was the last thing he could think of to maintain his sanity.

Ji Dian took a step back, he still remembered Tianlan's words.

Seeing this Hei became annoyed.

"Just get over here."

Ji Dian had his guard up as he walked over.

"W-What is it? I don't like boys."

"Shut up, that was a lie. Anyway, we have serious matters to discuss."

Seeing the serious look on Hei's face Ji Dian became alert, he looked around and saw the four women before turning back to Hei.

Tianlan had his palm covering his face.

Hei spoke to Ji Dian.

"Now, take a look at the matriarch's daughter."

Ji Dian looked over.

Fang Lian slightly blushed being stared at by the boy who saved her. She was wondering what they were talking about.

"What do you think of her?"

"What do you mean?"

"Her appearance. Is she attractive?"

"I would say so."

"Mm, good. Now, would you say she's a 'country toppling beauty' or the equivalent?"

"Not quite. I think she is too young to be described that way, maybe in a few years she'll blossom into whatever you just said."

"'Country toppling beauty'. Seriously it's not a rare term. Anyway, I actually agree with you. It will probably be in these next 3 years before the 5-sect summit that she'll become one. As a matter of fact…"

Hei then looked at Fang Lian.

"Young miss, how old are you?"

"I-I'm 12 years old."

Hei then looked towards Tianlan and observed him for a second before turning back to Ji Dian.

"Oh, most definitely. The 'country toppling beauty' effect usually kicks in at around 15."

"What are you getting at here?"

Ji Dian was confused by Hei's words.

"Slow your roll there, compadre. Take a look at the matriarch."

They both turned to the matriarch, who had a small reaction.

"What do you think?"

"About her appearance?"


"She's very pretty."

"Country toppling?"

"I would say so."

"Bingo! Now, let's say you and the matriarch develop feelings for each other."

"W-What? How can, how-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there. There is no need to get flustered. It's just a hypothetical scenario. If I didn't know better, I would say you already have feelings for the matriarch. Is that true?"

Hei said with a sinister smile.

"N-No, that wouldn't be proper. I am a junior of the younger generation."

"Eh? We caught one? This. You really do have feelings for her?"

"I-I said no!"

"Whatever you say, hombre."

Hei was actually happy at this development because it meant Bai was in less danger. He turned to Tianlan, and with a thumbs up said:

"Crisis averted."

Tianlan again placed his palm on his face.

He said:

"Why exactly did you call him over?"

Ji Dian added on.

"I would also like to know."

"And you'll soon find out."

Hei could see that Ji Dian was getting impatient, so he decided to move on.

"Now let's say, you and the matriarch develop feelings for each other. OK?"


"Mm, what happens when you meet another 'country toppling beauty' with a stronger background?"


Tianlan then interjected.

"You see?"

Hei raised his palm to quiet Tianlan.

"Hold on there, Brother."

He then turned to Ji Dian.

"Why would nothing happen?"

"Because I must focus on my training. I have no time to waste with girls, besides you already told me that I have feelings for the matriarch."

"But why do you have feelings for the matriarch? You've known her for about half a breath."


"It's because she's a 'country toppling beauty'."


"Now, I'll ask again. What happens when you find another, younger and more talented 'country toppling beauty' with a stronger background?"

"I suppose I will develop feelings for her?"

Hei then looked at Tianlan, who had a troubled face. He then turned back to Ji Dian.

"Not necessarily, you may not develop feelings for her even if she's a country toppling beauty. But she will develop feelings for you."

"Eh? How do you know that?"

"Take another look at the matriarch's daughter."

Ji Dian then looked at Fang Lian again.

"Notice how her face reddens slightly, do you know what that is?"

"What is it?"

"That's hero syndrome."

"Hero syndrome?"

"Yes, she's not sure whether she likes you or not, but she keeps remembering how you saved her. That's what causes this phenomenon."

"I-I see. But where are you going with this?"

"Well, we both agreed that she will grow into a 'country toppling beauty' right?"

"We did."

"Then you, my friend, have saved a 'country toppling beauty' and she will forever remember it."

"So to say…"

"She will eventually fall in love with you. You'll probably notice her seeking you out frequently here at the Fang Clan. This is her trying to sort out her feelings. By the time of the 5-sect summit, they will have already solidified into an unchangeable state."

"And you are saying similar situations will occur in the future?"

"You are the one who likes to save people. And let me tell you right now. A large proportion of those you save will be 'country toppling beauties' and if they're not, they're probably in disguise."

"How can you know all of this?"

"Shao Clan divination technique. The most profound divination technique under the nine heavens."


"That's right. It was created by our ancient ancestor who had lived 100 lives. After experiencing rebirth for the 99th time he was able to see the future of all people."

"Something like that is possible?"

"Indeed, it is."

"The world is vast."

"Much bigger than you think."

Tianlan was off to the side. What ancient ancestor? This all comes from your crazy stories.

Hei continued.

"Now, do you know what happens next?"

"What happens?"

"In the blink of an eye, you have 4 or 5 girls who all say they can't live without you and they will never love another man. What do you do?"

"I, I don't know."

"Let me remind you. You already have feelings for the matriarch. But you may not necessarily have any feelings for the other girls. What do you do?"

"In this case, I suppose…"

He paused for a moment, then continued.

"I would marry them all."

Tianlan couldn't help interjecting.


He couldn't believe it.

Hei was in jubilation.

Tianlan continued.

"How did you get to that conclusion?"

He couldn't help but ask.

Ji Dian answered.

"Because if I were only to marry one, then the others would be sad."

"What? But you have feelings for the matriarch. Have you considered how she will feel if you were to take multiple wives?"

"I think the matriarch should be willing to share me to allow all of the girls to be happy."

Hei was bursting in laughter.


He noticed that he raised his voice again. He was about to make a ridiculous statement about Tianlan again but Tianlan pre-empted him.

"Forgive my young brother, he is excited at making a new friend."

He then turned back to Ji Dian and asked.

"So where will the group of you live? The matriarch has her clan to look after, and all the other girls probably have their own responsibilities too."

To which Ji Dian immediately responded.

"That's simple. I wouldn't live with them. I must pursue my cultivation."

At this point, Hei was beside himself with delight. He was laughing uncontrollably.

Tianlan ignored him. He was feeling stranger and stranger as he spoke to Ji Dian. It seemed to be exactly as Hei had described.

"But what about your wives?"

"They can also pursue their cultivation. If they're fast enough, I wouldn't mind taking them with me on my path."


Hei jumped in.

"Pft. Brother, why are you surprised? This is normal behaviour. You are the strange one."


"Go on, Brother. Ask him about the Dao."

Tianlan turned back to Ji Dian.

"Uh… Are… Are you seeking the Dao?"


Tianlan couldn't help but notice Hei's exaggerated actions.

"Ha Ha Ha!"

Hei was now rolling on the floor laughing.

Tianlan spoke to Ji Dian again. What was it about this 'Dao'?

"Why must you seek the Dao?"

"Seeking the Dao is the most important thing to a cultivator."

"Is it more important than living a happy life with your love?"



"Because it's the Dao."

Hei jumped in after Ji Dian.


Tianlan's mouth twitched as he looked at Hei who was still rolling on the floor, almost shedding tears.

He turned back to Ji Dian.


"So? It's… the Dao."

"I'm not seeing your point."

"This… It's the Dao. There is no cultivator who does not seek the Dao first and foremost. Those who don't are usually at a lifelong bottleneck."

"Not me. I would even forsake my cultivation for the woman I love."

Ji Dian had a face of disgust as he replied.

"Are you even a cultivator?"


Hei's laughter was coming to an end.

"Ha Ha ha haaaa."

He had finally calmed down.

He turned to Ji Dian and said:

"That's enough, Brother Dian, you have been very helpful. You may return now, I'll be sure to return the favour in the future."

Ji Dian gave a strange look to these brothers before turning to leave. He noticed that Fang Lian still had a slightly flushed face.

What surprised him was the look the matriarch was giving him. If he didn't know better, he would think she had hostile intentions towards him.

As he turned back to observe those strange fellows, he could see Hei straightening his clothes before jumping up and down while pointing towards him shouting.