Serene and The Six Realms Book

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Serene and The Six Realms


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Synopsis Princess Serene who belonged to Fae Realm had her life taken a 180-degree turn when she decided to join an institute full of vampires, werewolves, and witches. Being of Fae's kind, she attracted love and hatred from these creatures. But, the person who captured her heart was none of these three beings but an entirely different being..... Her world was basically divided into six realms: Fae (where fairies dwelled) Haxum (where witches and warlocks lived) Lycanus ( abode of werewolves) Wampir (where vampires were settled) Folkshel (where common or non-magical people lived) Dark ( where all kinds of mythical creatures and monsters lurked) Centuries ago her forefathers formed an alliance to deal with the threats posed by the Dark Realm. It was a horrid place where all kinds of mythical creatures and monsters lurked. They kept invading other realms so it was barricaded using a powerful boundary spell. But, after about 5 centuries of peace something evil was rising in the dark realm and everything in our world was about to change... .............. Excerpt So, that's what you believe? That your existence pains me? And that you are using me? Tell me, did you ever ask me to do something for you?" His voice seemed to be on the edge of being hurtful. I didn't know what to say to him and seemed tongue-tied. That feeling of hopelessness when you want to do something but you can't creep up on me. "You spoke with each other, determined my fate and decided whom I was supposed to love. At least let me choose the person I want to love. Have I asked you to love me back?" His words hit me like a tornado shattering my heart into millions of pieces. I couldn't understand why he wanted an unrequited love so much, which would only bring him heartbreak, over and over again. "Answer me, please." His tone was playing on the border of hurt and endurance. "No....you didn't." These were the only three words I could say to him, I wanted to say so much more but my whole body was trembling and my heart was racing so fast right now. I knew he could hear it. "Then let me be Serene, please let me be. You don't want me to bother you? I won't. I already keep my distance as you made that abundantly clear the last time. But, please don't take my will. Let me decide whom I want to love. And, one last thing: your existence is not a source of pain for me. Don't ever think like that again and stop letting others put words into your mouth." With these words, his gaze held mine for a brief moment. The agony in his eyes was indescribable, and then he swiftly turned around and left. *********** Take this journey with Fae Princess Serene to find out how she juggles life decisions. I hope all of you will enjoy reading my story. It's my first time writing a novel, so bear with me and support me. Vote for my book. Send a gift. Much appreciated. Thank you to all my lovely readers. Read my other novel as well and show your support to this newbie writer. That's called: "Elven Encounter With a Blood Seeker." ************ The book cover is mine.