Author: larisa_jitaru
Contemporary Romance
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What is Serendipity

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She hasn't met him for four years... What happens when he spots her in the crowd? Two former best friends reunite in unusual circumstances. Secret feelings re-emerge. She's broken.. but he doesn't want to let her go. People stand in their way to happiness. Will Aera and Jihun fight the obstacles? Or will life pull them apart.

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This novel has the capacity of attracting many readers' attention, the examination of the characters, was indeed a good read for me. Continue writing! all the best!


being an Army it is a privilege to read a BTS fanfic. Plus I love the storyline, best friend love is the best. Good luck author, hope you reach the target you oriented for this book. Suggested for all the K-drama and BTS fans


this is awesome! i love the story and both of the main characters😍😍😍! furthermore, with the appearance of jihun's group members, the story become even more better and interesting!🤩🤩🤩


Hi, author! let me rate your work. alright, my criteria for a perfect 5 stars: interesting characters, check! great plot, double check! and perfect dialogues, triple check! here is your perfect 5 stars, you clearly deserve it. ❤❤❤


This is modern! This is cool! Really amazing novel by amazing and talented Author! The story itself like a good movie in my head. The Author created such an interesting characters that I can't stop admiring this novel. I highly recommend this novel. Because it is really interesting!


A very interesting read. I love the plot development and the relationship between both characters. It's so innocent. I like how open it is, because it's not love at first, so the readers can think about it. Really good and I want to see how this goes.


I like how you have lots of different characters and the reader can see all of their point of views. I think that’s very interesting. I have not read a similar fiction yet so this was really interesting for me. I really like the style. Have to say that it was very well written too. With all the different perspectives I felt like I was living in the moment with all the characters. Keep up the amazing work!


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