Serendipity...Where true love makes your destiny. Book

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Serendipity...Where true love makes your destiny.


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Xiao Xing, the most gorgeous omega of the town, got captured by a mafia lord due to his father's great depth. That depth put him into the life situation that he never wished even for his enemies but only to save his handicapped sister’s life he accepted his fate to become a puppet of a rich man. With the heart of gold, a gorgeous smile and alluring amber eyes, he became the imposter, Mo Yuan in the Mo family when Mo Lin the younger brother of real Mo Yuan paid millions to the mafia to buy him. He got engaged with Mo Yuan’s fiance Xie Jayden and started to live Mo Yuan’s life at his place. But was that deal that simple? No, it wasn’t just the only thing in the deal that Xiao Xing understood when slowly many secrets started to come out in front of him. Gradually when he understood everything was a white lie in the big family, he understood his simple life was much better than those rich people. But even when he found every person around him wearing some mask he could not find himself hating all of them and got entangled with them even more when he fell hard for Xie Jayden. What will happen with Xiao Xing when knowing the secrets of Mo's family will push him into the biggest trouble of his life? What will happen when Xie Jayden will know that Xiao Xing is not his fiance Mo Yuan but an imposter? Will destiny play a role in their story or will their love change their destiny? ~~~ English is not my first language. Try to accept the story as it is. Sorry in advance if it doesn’t make any sense to you.