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Serendipity - A wink from the fate


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"When she bumped into him for the first time, she didn't even bother to look up but instead ran away leaving the faint smell of Bulgarian roses lingering on his sweatshirt..." Their first encounter leaves them heart broken. Fate plays the card and they meet again while playing MMORPG game. This story is about serendipity of love between two young computer science graduates : Yan Xuan – Senior year student in University of Beijing. He is extraordinary in studies and business tactics. With adding Aqua King title, he is epitome of perfection. Mo Hua – Junior year student in University of Beijing. She holds the title as the beauty queen of the University not only for her beauty but also for her high IQ and EQ score. Will the tide of the destiny lead them towards each other? #technolove #romance #youth #love #beautywidBrains Cover credits : Original pictures are taken from Internet and wonderfully designed by IMPRECIS. Credits for those anonymous artists as well and will be taken down when requested. #RegularUpdates 1chp/day for now. Also check out my first story. Vol 1 complete. Destined to be together forever... https://www.webnovel.com/book/12257949005156305/Destined-To-Be-Together-Forever


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