Sending the Groom to Jail on My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding

Su Xuan transmigrated into a parallel world and became a police officer! At his ex-girlfriend's wedding, Su Xuan boldly took out the handcuffs, offering the groom a three-day tour of the police station! Ex-girlfriend asked, "Su Xuan, have you gone crazy? If you wanted to disrupt the wedding, shouldn't you just take me? What's with arresting my husband?" With the Divine Criminal-Capturing System, Su Xuan would receive rewards for apprehending criminals! With targeted investigations, no criminals could escape! While taking a bus, he casually caught a pickpocket. While strolling through a shopping mall, he stumbled upon a human trafficking scene. While getting a salary card replacement, he accidentally became a hostage... While other police officers were still patrolling the streets, Su Xuan had already become a hot topic in the news, a formidable force in apprehending criminals. The criminals asked in disbelief, "Does this police officer have tracking devices planted on us?" The police officers cried out, "Hey dude, give us a chance, please!"

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You're My Ex-Husband, Why Did You Capture My Husband?_1

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Qin Shuyi was nearly infuriated by him.

"Suxuan, have you lost your mind?" She exclaimed, exasperated. "This is my wedding, you're my ex-boyfriend. You're not here for me, so what business do you have with my husband?"

"And what's this nonsense about me groveling? My husband and I are genuinely in love!"

"Enough, enough. I won't waste another word on you. You've brought bad luck to this joyous occasion. Get out of here!"

Qin Shuyi's face turned sour.

She still believed that Su Xuan came because he couldn't let go of her. But even so, she wouldn't allow Su Xuan to ruin her wedding ceremony.

"I've said it before, I'm not here for you."

Su Xuan rolled his eyes in disbelief. "Can you stop being so self-confident?"

"When confidence becomes arrogance, it's downright repulsive, Auntie."

Hearing this, Qin Shuyi almost lost her temper and got into a fight with him, ignoring her image as the bride.

Who the hell did he think he was calling "auntie"?

The very thought turned Qin Shuyi's stomach.

At the same time, she finally began to suspect that Su Xuan might actually be telling the truth.

It was precisely because of this that she puzzled over why Su Xuan was approaching her husband.

With that in mind, Qin Shuyi's expression grew colder as she asked, displeased:

"Why are you looking for my husband?"

"Are you trying to get back at me for our breakup by approaching my husband and tarnishing my reputation?"

"I'll tell you, Su Xuan, if you dare do that, I'll go to your department and make sure you can't even be a little cop!"

"Now get out of here. This is your last chance. Don't push your luck..."

Qin Shuyi's words resounded in his ears.

However, Su Xuan seemed indifferent, his gaze shifting to the groom by his side.

At this moment, the groom's expression remained unchanged.

For any man, finding his wife's ex-boyfriend at his own wedding would sour his mood, right?

But Su Xuan remained unfazed.

He looked at the groom's slightly awkward face and asked in a low voice, "Gao Qi?"

"If I remember correctly, you should be the head of Huihong Group."

"I wonder if I'd be honored enough to exchange business cards with you."

Hearing Su Xuan's words, the groom hesitated for a moment before looking a bit embarrassed.

"Sorry about that, Officer."

"You see, it's my wedding day, and which groom would carry business cards in his pocket?"

"How about this, I'll give you my phone number. If you need anything, feel free to call. How does that sound?"

Gao Qi suggested with a hint of pride, putting his arm around Qin Shuyi's shoulder. "You arrived at just the right time. Why not join us for a meal with a few police officers?"

"My wedding ceremony is about to end."

"When it's over, how about we all have a drink together?"

With that, Gao Qi began to greet the people below, arranging for Su Xuan and his team to be seated at a nearby table.

Qin Shuyi leaned against him, pouting.

In her view, there was no need to be so polite to Su Xuan and his team.

She simply couldn't stand that he'd come to cause trouble at her wedding.

Wearing his police uniform, he really thought he was something special. It would've been better to kick him out directly!

But today, Gao Qi was the one in charge of the wedding. Even if Qin Shuyi felt uncomfortable, she wouldn't challenge him.

"Hmph, didn't you hear what my husband said? Just sit over there."

"You're lucky today. Otherwise, with dishes that can easily cost over ten thousand per table, you wouldn't have had a chance to eat!"

Her slightly scornful words rang out, causing the police officers to lower their heads slightly, their faces reddening.

However, at that moment, Su Xuan nodded.

"Fine, since you've admitted, come with us."

"Let's go to the station and go over the details of your crime!"

As he spoke, Su Xuan took out a pair of handcuffs, grabbed Gao Qi's hand, and promptly handcuffed him...


"Su Xuan, are you fucking crazy!?"

The scene fell silent for a few seconds, followed by Qin Shuyi's piercing scream that echoed throughout the venue.

It wasn't just her; even the guests below were left bewildered!

"What the hell are you cuffing my husband for? What is my husband doing?"

"You're settling personal scores under the guise of public duty!"

"Quickly release my husband!"

Qin Shuyi screamed, her voice shrill.

Meanwhile, Gao Qi, the groom, who was handcuffed, was even more dumbfounded.

"What crime have I committed, Officer? By what right are you arresting me?"

"You can't possibly be seeking revenge for me taking Qin Shuyi, and especially not on my wedding day..."

"If you go on like this, believe me, I'll complain to the station about you!"

Gao Qi's face grew unpleasant as he spoke, although for some reason, his tone was somewhat submissive.

Especially seeing his own handcuffed hand, he was already panicking...

It was a kind of fear towards handcuffs...

Upon hearing her husband's words, Qin Shuyi immediately stepped forward, grabbing the other end of the handcuffs that Su Xuan was holding and angrily demanded:

"Su Xuan, what's your intention?"

"Release my husband right now! This is an abuse of power."

"Even if you didn't want me to marry my husband today, you shouldn't have done this. Do you want to embarrass me in front of so many relatives and friends?"

Qin Shuyi was genuinely agitated this time.

She was extremely angry as well. Even if it was meant as a joke, Su Xuan had taken it way too far.

Who goes to their ex-girlfriend's wedding and cuffs the groom...

"Quickly release my husband. Otherwise, I won't let this slide!"


Not just the newlyweds on the stage, even the guests who witnessed this scene from below began standing up.

Especially some close relatives who swiftly rushed forward.

Others who were farther away just watched, observed...

"Su Xuan, what are you doing? Release him immediately."

Qin Shuyi's mother urged in a hurry.

She was aware that Su Xuan had been in a relationship with her daughter for many years, but since he couldn't provide a dowry, they had broken up long ago.

Now, on her daughter's wedding day, he had come to handcuff the groom...

This was a bit too much, to some extent.

If they took away the groom, how was her daughter going to continue?

Not only wouldn't they get married, but their reputation might be tarnished as well!

Thinking about the benefits Gao Qi had given their family since dating her daughter, Qin Shuyi's mother felt even more distressed...

It wasn't just taking away the groom; he was practically uprooting their money tree!

Other guests also started speaking up.

"What's wrong with you, little cop? How can you arrest people at a wedding?"

"What's going on? You're arresting people without even verifying the situation. Isn't this a bit too authoritarian?"

"Seriously, in this day and age, do the police not need evidence to make an arrest anymore?"

"I heard he's the bride's ex-boyfriend. This can't really be a personal vendetta under the guise of public duty, can it..."

The whole banquet hall buzzed with commotion.

Close guests had arrived on the stage, forming a protective circle around it.

The atmosphere on stage, at this moment, became incredibly tense...