Sending the Groom to Jail on My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding

Su Xuan transmigrated into a parallel world and became a police officer! At his ex-girlfriend's wedding, Su Xuan boldly took out the handcuffs, offering the groom a three-day tour of the police station! Ex-girlfriend asked, "Su Xuan, have you gone crazy? If you wanted to disrupt the wedding, shouldn't you just take me? What's with arresting my husband?" With the Divine Criminal-Capturing System, Su Xuan would receive rewards for apprehending criminals! With targeted investigations, no criminals could escape! While taking a bus, he casually caught a pickpocket. While strolling through a shopping mall, he stumbled upon a human trafficking scene. While getting a salary card replacement, he accidentally became a hostage... While other police officers were still patrolling the streets, Su Xuan had already become a hot topic in the news, a formidable force in apprehending criminals. The criminals asked in disbelief, "Does this police officer have tracking devices planted on us?" The police officers cried out, "Hey dude, give us a chance, please!"

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The Bride's Mental State Breaks! Lost Both Man and Money…

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"Don't keep quiet, speak up!"

"You're actually a wanted criminal, so why did you approach me? Are you trying to harm me?"

At this point, Qin Shuyi was dumbfounded.

After all, today was supposed to be their wedding day. If Su Xuan hadn't intervened and revealed this guy's true identity...

They would already be married by now!

The thought of potentially becoming the wife of a criminal made Qin Shuyi's mind go blank.

She was overwhelmed by the situation.

She originally thought that she had hooked up with a rich man and would not have to worry about expenses from now on and would become a rich lady.

But who would have thought that this guy was a wanted criminal!

And not just any criminal...

A robber!?

Could all that money have been obtained through his crimes!?

The contrast was so stark that she had transformed from a wealthy wife into the wife of a robber...

Who could accept such a thing?

Panic welled up within Qin Shuyi, and realizing that she had nearly married a man reeking of crime, she felt like her world was collapsing.

The whole situation was enough to make anyone go crazy.

Qin Shuyi desperately hoped that Gao Qi would speak up, even if just to offer an explanation. She wanted to believe in her husband...

How could she let the dream of becoming a rich wife shatter?

However, after hearing her words, Gao Qi opened his mouth but didn't say a word.

Back then, he truly couldn't carry on anymore. He had initially wanted to start a new life in a different city, but when he saw the jewelry in her suitcase, he couldn't resist...

Taking that suitcase turned him into a robber, and fleeing turned him into a wanted criminal.

He thought that after changing his appearance and his name, he wouldn't be discovered by the police.

But unexpectedly, today, on his wedding day...

He had been exposed.

He had once lived in constant fear of being found out.

Now that he had been discovered, Gao Qi didn't have the intention of escaping with Qin Shuyi.

As long as he had money, he could find another woman anywhere.

Thinking this way, Gao Qi didn't care about Qin Shuyi anymore. He violently shook off Su Xuan's grip and attempted to escape...

However, after just two or three steps, Su Xuan managed to stabilize himself and delivered a swift kick. Gao Qi fell off the raised platform and before he could get up from the ground, Su Xuan grabbed his shoulder.

Subsequently, Su Xuan twisted his arm, pressing a knee onto his back and pinning him to the ground...

"Don't move!"

"Even with handcuffs on, you still want to run? Can you?"

"Let's go, follow us to the police station for questioning!"

Su Xuan snorted coldly, his face filled with disdain.

Damn it.

Was this criminal out of his mind too? He had handcuffs on, yet this guy still wanted to run.

And at this moment, Gao Qi, realizing that he couldn't escape, began to beg for mercy.

"Officer, let's talk this through..."

"Ouch, ouch, ouch... Can you please loosen your grip... I promise I won't run, okay?"

"At the very least, I'm Qin Shuyi's husband. Can you spare me for her sake?"

"I didn't mean to back then, I truly regret it now..."

"If you let me go, I'll light incense for you every day..."

Gao Qi was no longer the arrogant person he was before. He was now groveling in the dirt.

After all, if the police could come to arrest him, it meant they had evidence of his crimes.

If he were to really go to the station, he probably wouldn't come out again.

There were times to be tough and times to be cowardly...

He had already tried to run, but he couldn't.

Putting aside the fact that these police officers were eyeing him covetously, he could not even deal with Su Xuan.

The only thing he could do was hope that Su Xuan would let him off today for Qin Shuyi's sake.

As long as he could escape today, he would leave this city tonight!

F * ck!

Just thinking about it was unlucky.

However, upon hearing such nonsense, Su Xuan was even more infuriated, speaking up with contempt:

"Shut your mouth, you scum!"

"Don't even mention sparing you for Qin Shuyi's sake. Let me tell you, it's useless trying to appeal to anyone's favor as a robber like you!"

"Get up, today you're going to the police station with me."

"You'll definitely face legal consequences for your wicked deeds!"

Su Xuan got up and turned his hands around to handcuff him behind his back. "Don't think about running away, or I'll charge you with resisting arrest and use my baton!"

Hearing this, Gao Qi's face instantly contorted with anguish.

He was slowly becoming hopeless.

He probably would end up in prison this time...

He hadn't expected that after evading capture for so long, he would be caught by a mere junior police officer...


"Ah, ah, ah! You're actually a criminal, you scum! How dare you deceive me!"

"You damn bastard! You're a wanted criminal yourself, yet you had the audacity to deceive me into marrying you?!"

"Damn it! No wonder you didn't want any of your relatives to come to the wedding. You were afraid of revealing your identity!"

"I'm so angry! You damn bastard! If I had known you were a wanted criminal, how could I have married you?"

"I'm so furious! Damn bastard!"

Qin Shuyi, standing by the side, finally understood the situation. A surge of anger erupted within her.

Her mental state broke down instantly.

She hadn't expected the person she'd struggled to find, her money tree, to turn out to be a fraud. And not just any fraud, but a fraud pretending to be a wanted criminal...

The thought that she had nearly become the wife of a murderer made her nauseous.

Seeing the handcuffed Gao Qi, Qin Shuyi unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks, venting her anger!

If it wasn't for this guy's wealth, Qin Shuyi wouldn't have even looked at Gao Qi.

But due to his lavish spending, Qin Shuyi, considering her age and the generous dowry Gao Qi offered, thought it was about time to marry.

Little did she know that this guy's money was obtained through robbery!

If this guy were to be caught, then the money would have to be returned to the authorities...

She had invested so much, and yet gained nothing...

Qin Shuyi felt like she was going crazy!

She had thought she was going to become a rich wife, but nearly ended up as the wife of a wanted criminal...

The more Qin Shuyi thought, the angrier she got. She lunged at Gao Qi and started raining punches on his face.

With his hands bound, Gao Qi was defenseless, crying out in pain as he was beaten, and could only beg for mercy.

"Stop hitting me, stop hitting me!"

"Ouch, ouch... Officers, control her..."

Su Xuan couldn't deal a blow to such a scum as Gao Qi in his police capacity, so he had to hold back, but he also couldn't stop Qin Shuyi.

Gao Qi could only find another way...

"Shuyi, even though I deceived you, I genuinely love you..."

"Otherwise, how could I have risked exposure to marry you?"

"We're married..."

"Just wait for me, I'll be out in a few years. We can be husband and wife again then..."


Hearing this, Su Xuan sneered and pressed him down. "A few years? Were you brainless before committing the crime?"

"Robbery plus causing harm, you'll be charged with multiple offenses. The severity of your crimes adds up!"

"Kid, you won't be coming out..."