Sending the Groom to Jail on My Ex-Girlfriend's Wedding

Su Xuan transmigrated into a parallel world and became a police officer! At his ex-girlfriend's wedding, Su Xuan boldly took out the handcuffs, offering the groom a three-day tour of the police station! Ex-girlfriend asked, "Su Xuan, have you gone crazy? If you wanted to disrupt the wedding, shouldn't you just take me? What's with arresting my husband?" With the Divine Criminal-Capturing System, Su Xuan would receive rewards for apprehending criminals! With targeted investigations, no criminals could escape! While taking a bus, he casually caught a pickpocket. While strolling through a shopping mall, he stumbled upon a human trafficking scene. While getting a salary card replacement, he accidentally became a hostage... While other police officers were still patrolling the streets, Su Xuan had already become a hot topic in the news, a formidable force in apprehending criminals. The criminals asked in disbelief, "Does this police officer have tracking devices planted on us?" The police officers cried out, "Hey dude, give us a chance, please!"

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Good Guy, Are You Playing Arrest?

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The man's expression, originally filled with arrogance, froze in place. He stared at Su Xuan with disbelief in his eyes, trying to make sense of the strange feeling that had just washed over him.

Whether it was when they attempted theft or when he threatened Su Xuan, there had been no anger or fear in Su Xuan's demeanor. The man had initially assumed that Su Xuan was just paralyzed with fear.

But now, he finally understood where that unsettling feeling came from.

This guy, Su Xuan, was an undercover cop!

The roles had suddenly reversed, with the man now the one dumbfounded.

"Holy crap... You're a cop?!" The man stammered, speaking half to himself, "If you're a cop... you should've said so earlier!"

"I definitely wouldn't have dared to threaten you!"

In fact, he wouldn't even dare to walk past Su Xuan in his current state.