Senator's Rebel Wife is a Genius

Author: xiaohai_23
Contemporary Romance
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What is Senator's Rebel Wife is a Genius

Read ‘Senator's Rebel Wife is a Genius’ Online for Free, written by the author xiaohai_23, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, CEO Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: «What is it that you want from me?» ~ May«Everything, little rabbit. Everything.» ~ Senator Christopher Lindt.Among all ...


«What is it that you want from me?» ~ May «Everything, little rabbit. Everything.» ~ Senator Christopher Lindt. Among all the people who could find out May's secret, why did it have to be Senator Lindt, her grandfather's main opponent? And why does he seem intentioned of maintaining her secret instead of using it for his gain? Delivered to his house like a package with a note attached, she finds herself in front of a choice: running away from Chris Lindt and forgetting about him, or staying to understand why does her heart beat faster when he's in the same room. Is it just because he's charming, powerful, and has a deadly foxy grin? Christopher Lindt, the young leader of the opposition, loves challenges. The rebel girl delivered to him as a gift from a local mafia lord is indeed a challenge: the Prime minister's granddaughter and, at the same time, a warrior against her own family. As they know each other better, more mysteries resurface after years of silence: from May's father's death to the way the leader of the rebels predicts the future. This is a CEO-romance-like story, with a little political intrigue enriched by sci-fi and family secrets. WARNINGS: Smut content. This ML is the most cunning of all my MLs, so be careful around him. I don't own the cover image, credits to the artists.

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This is a contemporary romance with a little sci-fi and political intrigue, a lot of conspiracies, many many sweet and/or hot moments. And a lot of love, of course! The fl is a genius but a little innocent when it comes to her boyfriend. The ml is a fox, and he has no shame in using all the tricks he had learn in years of politics to woo his wife :D I forgot to mention: they're supposed to be rivals


Intriguing synopsis, charming characters, and hooking stories full of mysteries, you'll find it here. xiao is back with another great work and i can't wait to know what will happen next. keep up the good job!


Another awesome novel by Xiaohai! I swear you won't regret adding this novel in your library. I can't wait for more chapters, from cover to synopsis to the first few chapters I'm hooked! Good luck Xiao!


My girl Xiaoxiao is up with another story! I love the prologue, and the background is surely a breath of fresh air! Give it a try, and you'll definitely drown into Xiaohai's fantasy!


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